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Human Resources

From employment law to compensation and benefits, FMLA and hiring and firing and more, Business Management Daily provides comprehensive Human Resources updates.

Discover how your colleagues – and competitors – are dealing with discrimination and harassment, employment law, benefits programs, and more.

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The National Labor Relations Board last month ordered a New York City tour bus company to reinstate a tour guide that it fired for his anti-company Facebook posts. It said his postings were considered “protected concerted activity” that related to the employer’s working conditions.
Every manager knows the importance of disciplinary documentation. But what happens if an employee refuses to sign his disciplinary memo? Your carefully prepared documentation still stands, regardless. The question is how to deal with the employee.
You have no doubt heard that em­ployees who break the same rule should receive the same punishment. That’s true in most circumstances. However, nothing prevents employers from treating similarly situated employees differently if the facts warrant it. In those cases, however, details matter.
Whenever you update the material terms of your benefits plan, you should collect written or electronic acknowledgments from employees attesting that they received and read the latest changes.
You would think that getting an em­­ployee to show up on time, every day, would be a simple matter. But these days, you really can’t simply say, “Be here or be fired.”
We do a good job of keeping our noses to the grindstone here in the United States, where the average employee puts in 1,798 hours per year. But we’ve got nothing on the world’s hardest-working industrialized countries.
FMLA absences are on the rise, and some sectors—particularly manufacturing, hotels, health care, call centers and government entities—far surpass others in terms of FMLA absenteeism rates, says a new report by EAP provider ComPsych.
You are free to tell employees they can be terminated for having marijuana in their systems and then randomly test for the substance. That’s true even if a doctor recommends that the employee use medical marijuana.

Only 23% of execs believe HR plays a key role in shaping company strategy and affecting operating results, says a Deloitte survey. Demonstrate your relevance by taking on projects that positively influence the bottom line.

Employers want honest ­employees who don’t lie, cheat or steal. To encourage honesty, be sure your company has a policy requiring honesty. That way, it’s easy to terminate someone you believe has acted dishonorably.
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