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Pass along this reminder to supervisors: Any legal documents they receive must be forwarded right away to HR and your attorney. Other­wise, you could miss important deadlines. Worse, you could automatically lose the case, even if it has little merit.

Here’s a tip that can save your organization from a large disability discrimination verdict sometime down the line: Whenever an employee discloses that he may need some sort of disability accommodation, make sure you carefully document the request and your response.

Public employees—people working for government agencies and state colleges and universities—don’t lose their right to free speech just because they work for the government. Discriminating against them because of what they say or believe may be seen as “viewpoint discrimination.” And that can mean lawsuits.

Some employers are apparently still clueless about their obligations to prevent, detect and remedy unlawful harassment.. Lawsuits continue to clog up the legal system as employees keep filing sexual harassment cases. Many of those cases revolve around what happens far from corporate headquarters.
You can’t prevent every vulgar act an employee may commit. But you can and should act fast when you learn about misbehavior. Doing so can keep a minor problem from growing into a major one.
The former executive secretary to the president of Jarvis Christian College has filed an age discrimination lawsuit against the East Texas college.
Employers are free to develop their own policies, but many laws have an absolute mandate—you must ensure employees receive proper notice of your policies. That's why the FMLA section of your handbook is so important. Here's your roadmap to full compliance with the FMLA's notification requirements.
A recent BusinessWeek story pours out several examples of companies embracing the idea of drinking at work. While occasional celebrations are fine, offering an unlimited liquid buffet is simply asking for employment law trouble.
Question: "How do others handle personnel who wear strong and unpleasant perfume? What about other grooming and hygiene issues?" —Chris
Make it clear with employees—early and often—that your electronic communications are not their private playground. Legally, it’s your organization’s property and you have the right to monitor every email as you wish.