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Soldiers who take military leave for active service or training are generally entitled to return to their jobs when they finish their military service. They even have protection from being terminated without cause if they served long enough. But USERRA does not protect employees who fail to follow existing company rules when they return or try to return.

Employers have the right to ex­­­pect everyone to behave ap­­pro­­pri­­ately at work. That includes employees with mental disabilities who may have trouble with communication and perception. What that means: You are free to punish inappropriate behavior regard­less of its cause.
Here’s a good way to stop needless sexual or other harassment claims: Empower even low-level supervisors to immediately remove any material anyone could consider even remotely offensive. The best outcome: Offensive material disappears before anyone has a chance to complain.

Sometimes, HR pros go to bat for em­­ployees when they think the company is overstepping its legal bounda­ries or generally not doing “the right thing” for the worker. But what happens when HR sticks its neck out and, in turn, gets it chopped off?

At SVB Financial Group, employees pitch in with philanthropy. Exam­ples: SVB employees raised more than $130,000 for Red Cross tsunami and earthquake relief in Japan and $48,000 for Second Harvest’s Share Your Lunch program by donating cash and their vacation days.
Last flu season led to 100 million lost workdays among U.S. workers. But it’s still not legally wise to require employees get a flu shot.
In 2008, Utah launched a “4/10” workweek for state workers—10-hour days from Monday through Thursday—in a bid to cut costs and conserve energy. But the state scrapped its grand experiment last month, saying it wasn’t saving as much as expected.
Wonder what employees are really doing on those computers all day? A new court ruling shows that if they’re engaging in illegal cyber activities, you can show them the door. Just make sure you’ve shown them your cyber rulebook first …

Sometimes HR professionals go to bat for employees when they think the company may be overstepping legal boundaries or generally not doing “the right thing.” But those activities aren’t necessarily protected, meaning HR pros can’t claim retaliation if they are punished afterward.

The current employment situation is tough, meaning there is intense competition for relatively few jobs. You’re probably rejecting more applicants now than usual. How you handle the rejections can mean the difference between an applicant with a positive impression of your organization and one whose feelings are hurt—and who might decide to sue you.