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Execs at Denver-based ReadyTalk, a provider of web conferencing and webinar services, are encouraging their workers to get outside more. Employees, including many desk-bound software developers, have access to office bikes for running downtown errands.
Since 2007, when Minnesota’s Freedom to Breathe Act took effect, smoking has been banned in Minnesota workplaces. Now, new studies about the harmful effects of “third-hand smoke” have caused some employers to take their no-smoking policies to new heights.
In their quest to leave a smaller environmental “footprint,” employees of Greif, a Delaware, Ohio-based industrial packaging products company, are trying to outdo each other when it comes to energy-efficient work habits.

Many employers have social media policies that attempt to control what employees say on social media. Poli­­cies that overreach may violate the NLRA. In response, the NLRB has issued a memorandum summarizing key points in its recent decisions concerning social media.

When you smell alcohol on an employee, or receive reports that an employee smells of alcohol, you need to act fast to protect everyone’s safety—but not so fast that you mishandle the situation. Follow these guidelines:

Northbrook, Ill.-based Allstate this summer challenged its 70,000 em­­ployees to partner with local nonprofit organizations in their communities—and it made a $500 grant to each of those nonprofits, awarding $80,000 overall.

Dianne’s Fine Desserts faces a complex conundrum after 30 Somali workers left work following a June labor dispute at the commercial ­bakery’s Le Center manufacturing plant. The workers claim they were told to leave. The company says it only barred the workers from the plant floor until they complied with a new dress code.

One way for HR departments to improve their performance—and their reputation among execs—is to treat employees like customers seeking good service. So how can you tell if those “customers” are happy? Do as you would with any customer—conduct a survey.

Q. One our employees called in sick for a shift during a recent holiday weekend. He told several co-workers that he didn’t come to work because he was having so much fun at his cabin. According to a few co-workers, he made several Facebook posts about his various recreational activities on the day that he was allegedly too sick to work ... Can I ask one of the co-workers to show me the Facebook posts?

Flex is becoming as coveted by businesses as it is by employees. Organizations, it seems, need as much flexibility when it comes to staffing as employees do when it comes to balancing work with personal commitments. Here are seven ways your organi­zation can benefit as much as its employees do from offering time-and-place flexibility.
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