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Strategic human resource management is the end product of success in conduction workplace investigations, vendor management, human capital management, and more.

Our human resource management articles can help you vastly improve your human resources planning, HR policies, and human resource training.

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Managers are responsible for stopping harassing behavior about which they know or should have known. This means that they can’t wait for an employee to file a complaint with them. These steps should be taken in response to a harassment situation.
Q. An employee has brought to my attention that another employee seems to be spending much of the workday posting to a social media site ... Apparently, the website doesn’t require being someone’s “friend” to see their social media activity. Is it OK if I sign up with the site to monitor his use?
Most companies maintain large amounts of data about their employees, some of which may be considered personally identifiable information. It must be carefully guarded to ensure employee privacy and prevent identity theft. You must understand the relevant laws and your obligations to protect employee data.
Novant Health Care is telling its em­­ployees and the North Carolina communities where they work about the positive impact a big employer can have. The 11-hospital system released an economic impact analysis that revealed the organization’s activities generated nearly $5.9 billion of economic activity in North Carolina last year.
If you’re faced with an employee who isn’t a good fit with his or her current job, is termination the answer or is demotion a better alternative? The answer is, of course, it depends.
Employers are always on the lookout for low-cost well­­­ness practices that help employees prevent disease and illness. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the 72 “Healthiest Companies in America.”
Test your knowledge of recent trends in employment law, comp & benefits and other HR issues with our monthly mini-quiz ...
The stock of organizations whose business practices, leadership and employee population reflect the diversity of their communities tend to outperform the S&P 500, according to

Q. An employee lodged a complaint about a supervisor’s misconduct. I know we’ll need to perform an investigation, but I’m not sure where to start. What’s the best way to proceed?

Sure, fishermen and loggers have jobs so dangerous that they warrant their own reality TV shows. That doesn’t mean office work is without peril. Among the most common workers’ comp-worthy maladies:
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