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Roughly four out of 10 workers have dated a co-worker, according to a survey by Spherion Corporation. When office romances sour, scorned lovers often sue, alleging that their former lover was a sexual harasser. And even if the lovers are happy, workplace romances can cause problems in the office or on the shop floor. Based on all of these legal risks, should your organization forbid office romances?
Arlington, Va.-based Corporate Executive Board made the Guinness Book of World Records in May, but not for anything to do with its core business. Its feat: More than 500 employees pulled together to make 1,000 sandwiches in less than five minutes, which they donated to local food kitchens.
Here’s a warning for HR professionals who are reviewing personnel files for use in a lawsuit: Don’t even think about playing games with the judge by failing to hand over everything. For example, if you provide only negative information, chances are a judge won’t be pleased.
OSHA’s website offers timely advice to help employers plan for and respond to the threat of tornadoes and wildfires. The site covers how to develop an emergency plan, and features checklists and links to additional resources.
A recent performance review described a talented but frustrating worker as the organization’s “most difficult.” Among many faults, bosses zeroed in on these:
Researchers who studied PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Millennial employees found that several factors are key to retaining today’s youngest workers and helping them succeed.
You can’t prevent all sexual har­­assment, but you can do plenty to avoid liability when it does happen, at least when the harasser is a co-worker. Start with a clear anti-harassment policy, and make sure everyone under­­stands it.

Small and midsize organizations often temporarily rotate employees between jobs due to small staffs and turnover. So why not turn an informal necessity into a formal career development program?

Managers are responsible for stopping harassing behavior about which they know or should have known. This means that they can’t wait for an employee to file a complaint with them. These steps should be taken in response to a harassment situation.
Q. An employee has brought to my attention that another employee seems to be spending much of the workday posting to a social media site ... Apparently, the website doesn’t require being someone’s “friend” to see their social media activity. Is it OK if I sign up with the site to monitor his use?
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