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It’s hard enough for businesses to reach their strategic goals. It’s even harder when employees don’t know what those objectives are. A recent survey found that 34% of CFOs believe employees are largely clueless about their firm’s strategic objectives.
Most of the time, employee moonlighting poses no conflict with your organization’s work. But an employee’s second job could lower productivity and morale. And it could create liability for you.
Only 9% of American mothers work more than 50 hours a week, according to U.S. Census Bureau data, explaining in part why the percentage of women in top jobs has stalled at 14%.
With more than two million employees worldwide, Walmart dwarfs all other private-sector U.S. employers.
Bring Your Own Device: The term refers to the practice of allowing employees to freely use their own mobile phones, tablets and laptops to perform work tasks. One new survey found that Millennial employees consider BYOD a right—not a privilege.

You probably make sure all your employees have read your sexual harassment policy. That doesn’t mean they always follow it. If an employee is hinting that she’s being harassed, your best approach may be to hand her another copy and urge her to report any problems right away.

Q. To curb wasted time and keep workers on task, we are banning cellphones at work. Now one of our employees has told us that she has the Department of Labor’s wage-and-hour app on her iPhone. She says she uses it to track her hours worked, and that we are illegally preventing her from using it. Will our ban hold up legally?
Whether we represent a start-up or an organization that’s over 100 years old, HR professionals must stay aware of the ways in which their organization’s culture is changing, says Jeff Perkins, Chief People Officer, National Public Radio.
Q. Management wants to install “facial recognition” software that clocks in employees by electronically matching the employee’s face to a database. Leaving aside the Big Brother creepiness, are there any legal land mines we should consider before installing this type of technology?
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