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While lawsuits may be practically inevitable in today’s litigious society, losing them is not. Ten rules to follow:
The average dishonest retail employee caught stealing in 2012 was trying to walk out with $715 worth of merchandise. That’s far more than run-of-the-mill shoplifters take.
Most of the time, employers that learn that someone is experiencing some form of domestic violence try to do what they can to help the em­­ployee manage the situation. Some­­times, however, employers aren’t exactly supportive. The EEOC has taken the position that, on occasion, employer missteps in these situations may be a form of discrimination under federal law.
Planning this year’s holiday party? These tips will help keep spirits bright while lessening liability—often alcohol-related—that could arise:
Not sure what to do when it seems as if an employee is going to quit, but she doesn’t explicitly say so? Seek clarification. If you get none, tell her you assume her silence is tantamount to a resignation.
Over half of workers (54%) expect to spend some time at work shopping online for the holidays, up from 49% last year, according to a survey by

Q. We recently installed cameras in our plant’s production areas. The cameras aren’t hidden, and it is common knowledge they were installed. Do I need to post something notifying employees and visitors that the area is under video surveillance? Should I have employees sign something? 

If you don’t use HR-related apps right now, there is a good chance you will in the near future. Here are some apps worth checking out to save time and administrative costs:
You can never predict which employee will sue and over what alleged wrong. That’s why the best approach is to focus on treating every employee fairly and consistently, applying your rules even-handedly.
Thanks to several high-profile news stories lately, your employees are becoming more aware of the pervasiveness of workplace bullying—plus the potential legal options that bullied workers can take. What does this mean for HR?
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