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Strategic human resource management is the end product of success in conduction workplace investigations, vendor management, human capital management, and more.

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Absenteeism affects all employers, all year long. How do you motivate employees to cut down on absenteeism? Offering perfect-attendance awards may not be the right carrot. Here are six reasons why.
No offense to its contented residents, but who would have thought? Dayton, Ohio, has the nation’s happiest workers, according to a survey of 36,000 workers by
It’s no secret that long-term staff often dread the summer onslaught of interns—a generation gap that can sink even the best-designed internship program. Smooth the process by having a talk with the older, wiser managers and co-workers who will interact with interns this summer.
Of numerous ballot initiatives voters considered last Novem­­ber, the most challenging for HR professionals may have been referendums regarding recreational use of marijuana. Employers should be familiar with this developing area of law and have a game plan for how to address the problems that marijuana in the workplace may cause.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer recently announced that employees who had telecommuted must now return to their cubicles at the struggling company’s headquarters. Before long, electronics retailer Best Buy followed suit.

Q. Because this season’s flu outbreak was so severe, next fall we would like to require all our employees to get a flu vaccine. We hope this will cut down on employee absences during flu season. Would such a policy be lawful?
Q. One of our workers often wears T-shirts with slogans that have a strong political bent to them. Some employees have complained. Is it a violation of employees’ free speech rights to ban such clothing?
Employers across the country must be prepared for the day when cancer hits their workplace. Here are some ADA and FMLA facts you should know, which apply to medical conditions beyond cancer.

During a fire or other emergency, the difference between escape and injury or death can sometimes be measured in seconds. That’s why all employers must comply with OSHA’s requirement for exit routes in the workplace.

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