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You’re displeased with an employee’s performance, and it’s time to say so. You want to describe in blunt terms how the individual needs to improve. But you’re uncomfortable having to level serious criticism.
Q. During a performance review, my boss asked me what salary increase would “keep me happy.” I responded, “What am I worth to the company?” I thought that was a smart move, but I was wrong. My boss didn’t really answer the question. The next week he told me what my raise would be in a voice-mail message (he was out of town). I was disappointed.
Q. I supervise an employee whose hygiene is so poor that fellow employees complain to me and, frankly, gag from the smell. Our HR director has twice asked him to do something about his hygiene. But the problem persists.
Most of my employees are hard workers who keep their priorities straight. They don’t have time for distractions. They’re too busy producing results, making money and having fun. But I’ve occasionally squared off against what I call “petty plotters.” They’re the ones who find ways to avoid their work—from threatening to sue the firm on trumped-up charges to stretching federal or state labor laws to the limit.
When you receive a promotion that’s a big letdown, you’ve got a choice: sulk or bounce back.

Working with HR

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You've filed a complaint with HR about an offensive co-worker, and there has been no follow-up.
Your boss gets more and more frustrated the more people leave your toxic work environment.  You understand why they're leaving, but he won't change.
Q. Earlier this year, I met with the HR manager about a co-worker who’s been provoking me over a two-year period with shoving matches and other offensive behavior. The HR manager gave me three options: let it go (no way), talk to this person alone (no way—he punches file cabinets in anger), or get witnesses and file a complaint. I chose the third option. The HR manager then promised to talk to the witnesses and get back to me. Four months have passed and nothing’s been done. Please advise.
Q. I work in the human resources department of a big company that is undergoing a cultural change. We’re going from being employee-friendly to employee-barely-tolerated. Despite the fact that we’re facing all-time low unemployment rates and increasingly high hiring standards, my boss is frustrated that I cannot replace the masses of workers who are leaving for more pleasant, desirable employers elsewhere. When I try to talk with him about the reality of the situation, he gets upset and puts more pressure on me. I am considering leaving. What should I do?
When you receive a promotion that’s a big letdown, you’ve got a choice: sulk or bounce back.
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