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Strategic human resource management is the end product of success in conduction workplace investigations, vendor management, human capital management, and more.

Our human resource management articles can help you vastly improve your human resources planning, HR policies, and human resource training.

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Promoting diversity in the workplace is not only the right thing to do but also good for business—it helps our teams profit from a variety of perspectives and viewpoints. But how do these benefits work in practice? Are diverse teams really better teams?
Job-title inflation has been around for a long time, but it took off during the dot-com boom, when companies handed out titles instead of cash. Now, apparently, we’ve reached the point where “overtitling” has led to inequities and overcompensation. But beware the solution hit on by Employco, an HR consulting firm and insurance company in Illinois that decided it had to overhaul its job titles, down-titling six senior staffers.

Your customers expect you to set the bar on customer focus, according to a new survey by the American Management Association and the Human Resource Institute.

A recent survey by found that working fathers were less likely to report flexible working arrangements than were working mothers.
Nearly 10 million Americans are affected each year by the death of someone close to them, and nearly half of these will be grieving in the workplace. Here’s what you, as a team leader, should remember and consider: Ask how you can help. Find out how much privacy a grieving team member wants; what information […]
Mary Kay Ash was devastated after her husband died. But the cosmetics queen had a big conference coming up, so she did what she’d always done in the face of personal problems: She put on her best face, went out and led her team.
If you’re aware that you’re not perfect and think you might like some help with that, bless you. That’s where an executive coach comes in. Such was the case for Deborah Coleman, who took the helm of Merix Corp., a maker of advanced electronics, in 1994.
Contrary to popular belief, credit unions aren’t just for unions, governments or Fortune 500 companies.
Driven by curiosity and enthusiasm for life, Hans Christian Oersted discovered electromagnetism and invented the first artificial aluminum. A satellite bearing his name now circles the globe mapping magnetic fields, and units of magnetic strength are called oersteds. The Danish philosopher, physicist and chemist earned a reputation within his lifetime for credible science and good judgment. But along the way, he learned a hard lesson: Don’t promise more than you can deliver.
Here are 8 guidelines for new ventures:
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