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Strategic human resource management is the end product of success in conduction workplace investigations, vendor management, human capital management, and more.

Our human resource management articles can help you vastly improve your human resources planning, HR policies, and human resource training.

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Q. An employee lodged a complaint about a supervisor’s misconduct. I know we’ll need to perform an investigation, but I’m not sure where to start. What’s the best way to proceed?

Sure, fishermen and loggers have jobs so dangerous that they warrant their own reality TV shows. That doesn’t mean office work is without peril. Among the most common workers’ comp-worthy maladies:
Q. We are thinking about implementing a no-fault attendance policy. We hope it will provide clearer absenteeism rules and make it easier for managers to enforce. Are there any downsides?
Looking for a summer staff activity that’s a break from the usual barbecue? Try these inexpensive options:
Employee assistance programs can yield savings of $5 to $16  for each dollar invested, according to various studies. But if very few of your employees use your EAP, you’re not getting anywhere near that kind of ROI. Eight suggestions for boosting EAP participation:
As summer unofficially begins this Memorial Day weekend, use these helpful hints for managing employees' summer vacation schedules and maintaining productivity.

Q. We are headquartered in Oklahoma and have offices in another state that do their own hiring. Must I maintain a copy of I-9s at our headquarters from that other office? 

One of the best ways to fight hostile work environment claims: a handbook with a strong sexual harassment policy that shows em­ployees exactly how they should report problems.
Q. We’ve had so many employee absences due to the flu this year. Next year, can we require all employees to get a flu shot?
About 15% of email at work is considered gossip—defined as “the absence of a third party from a conversation"—according to a Georgia Institute of Technology study.
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