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During the first half of 2010, only 3.7% of job-seekers opted to start their own businesses. That’s down from 7.6% in the first half of 2009 and is the lowest percentage on record.

Stock options and stocked kitchens aren’t the only reason employee turnover is so low at Google. While the online giant is legendary for its financial and “comfort” perks, you need to look beyond these to see its real retention tools. Shannon Deegan, Google’s director of People Operations, explained some of these at the SHRM conference in San Diego:

Read a sampling of questions that our HR Specialist: Premium Plus subscribers submitted to our on-call employment attorney, Nancy N. Delogu, Esq.
When it comes to sexual harassment, the devil is in the details. Asking someone out on a date or making friendly conversation isn’t usually sexual harassment. But telling the difference between what one court recently called a “tone deaf” suitor and a true harasser isn’t easy.
A long-awaited Supreme Court ruling has reiterated the importance of all employers to draft and enforce a comprehensive electronic communications policy governing how employees can use e-mail, the Internet, cell phones and text services.
Group health plans that were in effect when the big reform law was signed on March 23, 2010, can earn “grandfather” status. Employers will lose their grandfather status if they change insurance carriers or “substantially increase” out-of-pocket costs for employees.
If your organization is targeted by a union-organizing effort, take note. Labor law gives your employees the right to join a union. Assuming you prefer to operate as a nonunion company, what are your rights?

If the unsteady economy doesn’t improve during the next six months, one in four HR professionals say their organizations are “very likely” to respond with wage freezes, according to a new poll. What's your Plan B if the recession double-dips?

Rep. Rubén Hinojosa, who represents the 15th District of Texas in Congress, recently announced that the Justice Department has awarded $59,546 to fund a project aimed at reducing employment discrimination against Texans authorized to work in the United States regardless of their national origin.
As an HR professional, you’re constantly being called on to decide whether an employee’s rights have been violated. Take, for example, a manager who does a lot of indiscriminate yelling. As long as he  doesn’t say anything outrageously linked to sex or race, there may be nothing illegal about the behavior. But explaining that to the affected employees can be difficult.