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Strategic human resource management is the end product of success in conduction workplace investigations, vendor management, human capital management, and more.

Our human resource management articles can help you vastly improve your human resources planning, HR policies, and human resource training.

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Some employers schedule multiple interviews due mostly to tradition and habit, which can waste managers’ time, alienate top candidates and unnecessarily lengthen the hiring process. Use the following guidelines to create a strategy for conducting multiple interviews and determining how many are too many.
What's an employer to do when the documents an employee presents to prove work eligibility don't match up? Employment law attorney Nancy Delogu guides you through the process of determining where employer responsibilities stop and employee responsibilities start. Subscribers to the HR Specialist Premium Plus service can tap Delogu's expertise weekly, through the web site's members-only "Ask the Attorney" service. 
When you think “productivity tips,” your mind may turn to keyboard shortcuts or organizing tools. But here’s one tip that stands out for its ability to help you reach new heights in productivity: Get up earlier. Productive minds ranging from Benjamin Franklin to Emily Post credit an early rise with their achievement.

After two years of cutbacks, 2011 will be a year of rebuilding company-sponsored 401(k) plans—for both employers and employees. But the result could be more flexible, more customized retirement savings plans. Here is a roundup of recent research regarding your employees and their retirement savings plans.

Question: “One of my employees, 'Kristen' used to confide in me frequently about her personal life, but lately she’s stopped sharing any information at all. Although she assures me that nothing is wrong, she still doesn’t talk to me. She’s also stopped chatting with her coworkers, and she doesn’t smile and laugh like she used to. My other employees told me that she got upset when she overheard someone talking about her. Now I’ve learned from human resources that Kristen has inquired about a lateral transfer to another department.  I don’t want her to leave, but I also don’t want her attitude to infect the rest of my staff. Do you have any suggestions for getting her to open up?”  — Puzzled Manager

Employers are emerging from the Great Recession with a different view of compensation and benefits. And, in most cases, that’s a good thing. Lessons learned in the lean years are being adapted and modified to make organizations stronger in this post-recession landscape. Look for these 11 trends to take a firm hold in 2011:

As hypertension, diabetes and other chronic ailments increase, many health experts believe stress management offers a strong defense.

What’s the best way to get a job right now? Networking, according to a recent survey of HR execs by Challenger, Gray & Christmas. The best (and easiest) way to nurture your online network is through LinkedIn, the one social networking site you can’t ignore if you’re a professional. Here’s how to best use the web site:

Fewer federal employees will miss work this winter when the government shuts down because of snow. Under a new federal Office of Personnel Management policy, employees with existing telework agreements will be expected to work from home.

Let your body language broadcast your confidence ... Keep track of your “must read” pile with It’s a particularly useful tool for longer-term storage of important articles, and you can access it from any device ... On your résumé, list accomplishments, not just job duties.
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