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It’s true that most sexual harassment claims involve a man’s inappropriate behavior toward a woman. But that doesn’t mean you can ignore female-on-male harassment. In fact, from 1990 to 2009, the percentage of sexual harassment claims filed by men doubled from 8% of all claims to 16%.

Q. Several nonexempt employees have smartphones. Do we have to pay them for the time they check work e-mail at home?

The Roman emperor Hadrian, who ruled just after 100 A.D., is a model for leaders to this day. Examples of his good governance: wisdom, tolerance, modesty, legacy.

Water-cooler talk about alleged discrimination or harassment can poison a workplace. That’s why your company policy should require all participants in investigations (including witnesses) to keep quiet about the issue. That way, rumors and exaggerated claims won’t influence other employees who haven’t yet told investigators their side of the story.

Getting good employees these days may seem like shooting fish in a barrel, but keeping the best people never has been and never will be easy. A full quarter of your highest-potential employees may plan to jump ship within a year. Mistakes to avoid:

Besides implied contracts, federal laws, state statutes and court decisions are chiseling away at the at-will doctrine as the number of wrongful-discharge suits spirals higher. Here’s why:

Admit it. Administering your company’s retirement plan is probably one aspect of the job you wish you could leave behind. But it’s an important one. A retirement plan is a legally binding document that gives enforceable rights to plan participants. Failing to follow plan terms can be a headache—and costly! Fortunately, a few easy steps can help keep your retirement plan on track and in compliance.

It’s time to update your break-room bulletin board. The EEOC has issued a new “EEO is the Law” poster that most employers must display, now including information on employee rights under the recently enacted Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act. Download it here.

The EEOC has sued Princeton Hospital, alleging that its leave-of-absence policy violates the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act. The hospital requires employees to return to work within seven days after their FMLA leave expires, regardless of whether they are disabled. The suit alleges that the hospital refused to allow additional leave as an accommodation in violation of the law.

USERRA provides returning soldiers, sailors and other service personnel with additional employment rights that other employees don’t always enjoy. One of those is the right to remain employed unless fired for just cause. In effect, USERRA temporarily turns what were once at-will employees into employees with job protection.