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When you find out that an employee has been doing things that make the work environment sexually hostile, you must fix the problem right away. The sooner you do, the less likely that an employee will successfully sue. That’s because employees have just 300 days to file EEOC charges. That clock starts ticking as soon as you start acting to clean up the environment.

New employees have lots on their minds when they first start working. While making the right benefits choices and completing the necessary paperwork is ultimately the employee’s responsibility, HR can give a kick in the pants by providing a checklist like this one.
“Now is the time for all of you with plan-year start dates on or near Jan. 1 to start thinking about ways to control health plan costs,” says insurance expert Nancy L. Newell. Lowering employers’ health insurance burden requires balancing three strategies: shifting more costs to employees, implementing cost savings and making plan changes.
America’s frustration with establishment politicians is radiating to boardrooms as shareholder anger grows toward directors who have not protected them against falling stock values and risk-taking.
When President Obama signed health care reform legislation in March, the clock started ticking on a series of changes that HR professionals will be dealing with for at least the next eight years. Here’s your timeline of what to expect.
Every October, we celebrate Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the New World. What history seems to have glossed over is some poor leadership on his part.

Some employees think that any restriction on their exercise of religious expression or dress is automatically illegal. That’s not true. In fact, when faced with an employer’s request to remove an article of clothing such as a head scarf or other head covering, the employee must state that doing so would interfere with practicing her religion and that she would like an accommodation.

QUESTION: As we enter the back-to-school season, office supplies have begun to disappear. Does anyone have any policy or procedure in place to thwart this type of behavior? In your experience, will a firm but diplomatic e-mail help? It's getting expensive and embarrassing as large quantities walk away.— K. in FL

Many lawsuits result from relatively small, manageable disputes that weren’t dealt with directly, often because HR simply didn’t know what to do or feared making it worse. Here are my favorite strategies for dealing with disruptive conflict, based on the book Resolving Conflicts at Work by Kenneth Cloke and Joan Goldsmith.

When sued, employers must preserve all evidence in their possession that may concern the lawsuit and its underlying claims. That means that as soon as you receive an EEOC complaint, you should issue a litigation hold directing the retention of all electronic communications, such as e-mails. Don’t let employees make their own decisions about which e-mails they should keep.