When hiring employees, negligent hiring practices can doom the process. Learn from your colleagues’ successes – and avoid their pitfalls.

Smart interview questions, well-written job descriptions, and sharp interviewing result in hiring employees that work out well, AND make you look good in the process.

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The New Hanover Regional Medi­­cal Center in Wilmington will pay $146,000 to a class of applicants and employees because the hospital erroneously regarded them as disabled.

Want to prove that you hired the best applicant and selected the right individuals to interview? Keep all the résumés you received for the position. They may come in handy later if you are sued.

Q. We plan on hiring a college intern later this year. Will we have to pay him or her?
A recent decision by New York’s highest court highlights the value of spelling out the terms of employment in a written offer letter.
Do you use off-the-shelf pre-employment tests to screen applicants? Watch out! You could be setting yourself up for years of litigation if a disappointed applicant sues, alleging some form of discrimination.
The management team behind what’s left of Lenoir-based Caldwell Freight Lines just learned a harsh lesson: The EEOC will come after you even if you are no longer in business.

No doubt you fuss over the content in your job ads in hopes of luring the top candidates. Although good content in a job ad is critical, technical issues are more often the culprit behind workers dropping off from applying to a job.

While a cookie-cutter approach to résumé evaluation offers guidelines for spotting positive qualities and red flags, con­sider the individualities that you, the company and other team members contribute to the role you are hiring. It can mean the difference between a great addition to the department and one who flees quickly. Here are four questions you should ask yourself:
Chrysler is inviting prospective employees to test drive the company, its products and its culture through a revamped career website that puts would-be staff in touch with those already on board.
Between 2005 and 2011, the Corpus Christi Police Department hired 113 male entry-level police officers—and just 12 women. The U.S. De­­part­­ment of Justice thinks it knows the reason for the disparity: a physical ability test that most men can pass but few women can.
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