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When hiring employees, negligent hiring practices can doom the process. Learn from your colleagues’ successes – and avoid their pitfalls.

Smart interview questions, well-written job descriptions, and sharp interviewing result in hiring employees that work out well, AND make you look good in the process.

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Quick quiz: If you hire temporary employees, what does your contract with the temp agency say about performing background checks? Is it your duty? Is it theirs?

Quick quiz: What does your temp agency contract say about performing background checks? Is it your duty? Is it theirs? Too many employers don't know the answer. They simply assume a ...
Here's a new trend that shows positive signs for the economy, but should present a big "Caution" sign for you: The number of people changing jobs within an organization has more ...

The federal government launched a high-profile raid last month of 21 Wal-Mart stores, resulting in more than 250 arrests of undocumented workers and a heap of trouble for the company.

If you need to hire temporary workers, don't wait too long to sign that contract.

Issue: Offering membership in a credit union as an employee benefit is now easier than ever. Benefits: Employees gain access to low-cost financial services. And you have a new, no-cost ...
Job interviews can be a legal minefield. One wrong question can spark a lawsuit. Here are five questions that can reveal more about the interviewee, without risking a hiring discrimination charge. 1. ‘Tell me about yourself.’ Open-ended questions can elicit more information than specific ones. When answering that kind of question, the elements that a [...]
THE LAW. The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986 makes it your responsibility to hire only people who can legally work in the United States. That includes U.S. ...
Courts typically say that grooming policies (such as those that deal with hair or beards) violate federal discrimination law if they disproportionately affect
a protected class and if the company ...
THE LAW. Workers' compensation insurance provides compensation to employees for loss of income and for medical payments when they're injured on the job. A state workers' comp law covers most ...
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