When hiring employees, negligent hiring practices can doom the process. Learn from your colleagues’ successes – and avoid their pitfalls.

Smart interview questions, well-written job descriptions, and sharp interviewing result in hiring employees that work out well, AND make you look good in the process.

Here’s a simple way to prevent lawsuits when you have to fire a recently hired employee: Direct the person who hired the employee to also do the firing. If the employee belongs to a protected class, courts will conclude that the termination wasn’t discriminatory. Otherwise, why would the employee have been hired in the first place?

Now that Congress has enacted the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, it is more important than ever for employers to keep applications and other supporting documents as proof that they set wages fairly and without regard to gender.

Wal-Mart wasn’t wearing its smiley face when it agreed to pay a class of African-American truck driver applicants $17.5 million in a race discrimination suit. The drivers alleged Wal-Mart failed to hire and promote black drivers in proportion to the number who applied.

Employers with a good employee handbook that explicitly sets out the rules for handling hiring, promotions and raises have a huge advantage if there’s ever a complaint that those processes have been unfairly applied. Clearly written policies are one great way to counter the “he told me” claims ...

President Obama has issued four executive orders that fundamentally change the government’s policy on federal contracting—in ways that dramatically favor organized labor. Obama signed the four new orders less than 30 days after taking office.

The decision to outsource HR functions often means a lot of hard work. Hiring a consultant to sort through outsourcing options—whether for payroll, benefits administration or any of dozens of other functions—can save time and money. But you must choose the right consultant.

Employees do the darnedest things, and HR and managers frequently wind up trying to undo the damage. Our newest webinar — Today's Most Bizarre Recent Workplace Cases: How to Prevent Outrageous Workplace Behavior (May 28) — tells tales of outrageous employee behavior ... and the lawsuit against the employer that followed. Here’s our take on the topic, with cases pulled from the pages of our HR Specialist newsletters.

When it comes to making job offers, your hiring managers could be inadvertently locking your organization into an employment contract with the new hire. It’s a common mistake, and only a few words can send you down the wrong path. Follow these six do’s and don’ts when offering a job:

Last year, U.S. employees filed a record number of legal complaints claiming they suffered discrimination at work. You know that U.S. anti-discrimination laws require managers to treat all applicants and employees equally. But what, specifically, do the laws require of supervisors and managers? Here’s a rundown.

With the economy slowing down, now is the best time to fine-tune your LinkedIn or Facebook profile, fleshing out the blank spaces and figuring out how to take advantage of those social networking sites. Here are a few tips.