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FMLA Guidelines

We’ll assist you in tracking and managing intermittent FMLA leave … fighting FMLA fraud and FMLA abuse … and managing FMLA in general.

Beyond mastering FMLA regulations on intermittent leave, we’ll share FMLA guidelines on how to curb FMLA abuse, and dramatically improve your overall FMLA compliance.

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Employers that don’t have enough employees to be covered by the FMLA (50 employees) won’t necessarily win dismissal of an FMLA lawsuit right away ...

Q. Our handbook states that employees will be terminated if they are absent more than 10 days in 12 consecutive months. An employee has been absent for seven days so far this year, three of which were due to the flu. He called out sick four days ago. When he returns, he will have exceeded the 10-day limit. Can we terminate him?

Most lawsuits against employers don't start with some outrageous injustice. More often, a simple management mistake or a perceived slight starts the snowball of discontent rolling downhill toward the courtroom. Here are 12 of the biggest mistakes managers make. They can all lead to litigation—and kill your credibility in court.

Q. We bought a company and agreed to consider hiring the seller’s employees. We interviewed and hired some of them. One of the employees was out on FMLA leave and is telling us that we have to hire him. We looked at his work record and we would never hire him. Do we have a potential problem? —R.L.B.

If you terminate an employee soon after he or she has returned from FMLA leave, you open yourself to charges of retaliation ...

Lawsuits by employees against their employers have grown tremendously in the past decade. Sometimes those lawsuits have merit, sometimes they don’t. But, either way, those lawsuits cost time and money to fight—money that is better spent on product development, training and raises. Even worse, some laws—including federal overtime law and the Family and Medical Leave […]

Google is just eight years old, but it beat out a slew of old-timers to snag the No. 1 spot on Fortune’s list of the “100 Best Companies to Work For.” Reason: Its benefits are to die for ...

Employees are becoming well versed in the FMLA game, and you're paying the price. Unscheduled intermittent leaves now account for a huge portion of all FMLA leaves of absence. And while the law does allow employees to take FMLA leave in small bites for a doctor's visit or to care for a sick relative, it doesn't give them unfettered rights to random work breaks or to arrive late without a good excuse ...

Make it a point to train supervisors on how to manage employees' leaves that could be covered under the FMLA. Otherwise, don't expect to plead ignorance if they make a mistake. A court could zap you with double damages under the FMLA's liquidated-damages rule ...

White Paper published by The HR Specialist ______________________ Not many years ago, pregnant women were subject to poor treatment from employers and company insurance plans as well. But the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA), enacted in 1978, prohibits discrimination on the basis of “pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions.” The PDA required most employers to make […]
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