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Before you know it, summer will be over and another school year will be under way. In our last special report, we focused on deducting your child's education costs. But what if you are the one going back to school or enhancing your learning in conferences or seminars? As long as you make the tax grade, you can deduct the work-related education cost as a business expense. But it's easy to flunk out when you file your return. Read on to learn the rules.

Issue: Some courts consider agreements—signed or unsigned—legally binding contracts.

Risk: A promise by one of your managers during a phone conversation could lock you into paying for service you don’t want or need.

Action: Train managers to say “Let me see that in writing” before agreeing to anything.
When defending an employment lawsuit, be careful about authorizing your attorneys to use exceedingly aggressive tactics. If your lawyer goes overboard, you may end up paying the other side's attorney's fees. ...
When employees return from FMLA leave, they're entitled to their same or equivalent position, pay and working conditions. If you try to place someone in a lower paying or lower-prestige job, ...
THE LAW. No one is immune from jury duty. Even Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer was called for duty
in his Massachusetts hometown. Al-though Breyer was dismissed from the pool, ...

If you're among the millions of self-employed Americans who opted for an automatic filing extension, enjoy the summer while you can. Just remember that the due date for filing your 2004 tax return isn't far off. It's Aug. 15, 2005.

The IRS just released a new CD titled "Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA) Resource Guide for Small Business Owners and Individuals."

Issue: One in 20 employees moonlights, and a hot labor market offers employees in your shop new opportunities to work second jobs.
Risk: Moonlighting can create tired, distracted employees, plus ...
Issue: Employees' ability to sue your organization expires at different times under different employment laws.
Benefit: A new court ruling says you can set a more-restrictive statute of limitations, at ...
Issue: To assist in planning, organizations often post employee vacation schedules, especially during summer.
Risk: Some employees may protest, saying it's an invasion of privacy that makes their house more ...
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