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Issue: Courts may hold your harassment-prevention efforts to a higher standard when young workers are involved.
Risk: Big court judgments, ugly PR and damaged morale ...
Warning: Courts may view especially young workers differently when it comes to the issue of harassment, affording them more leeway when they fail ...
Issue: How long must you accommodate medical-related leaves of absence?
Benefit: Court rulings give you legal backing to draw a line in the calendar.
Action: Don't let employees ...
The legal risks of providing references on ex-employees has caused some companies to put up a "No references" sign. That's not a smart move. Eventually, refusing ...
Issue: EEOC's revamped EEO-1 form could add new burdens on your compliance paperwork.
Risk: You can be fined for "willful" noncompliance ...
In this post-Enron world, it’s important to show your staff (and possibly, a court) that you’re serious about being a good corporate citizen.
Issue: Avoiding liability for accidents and injuries at your company.

Risk: Big court damages if the injured person can prove your negligence.

Action: Fix potential hazards; warning signs and waivers won’t save you.
You’d think wanting your work force to look healthy and in reasonable shape would be good for business, especially if your employees work face to face with customers or clients. Not necessarily, if a recent court case is any indication.
Ever wonder if you’re being set up for a lawsuit? You might be if one of your employees has got you thinking about letting her work from home instead of coming to the workplace. Why? Because if you don’t set it up just right, a crafty plaintiff attorney— like me—may come knocking on your door.
Issue: Protecting your organization’s secrets from competitors and preventing staff from jumping to the competition.

Risk: Noncompetes won’t stick if they’re overly broad or cover too many employees.

Action: Determine which key employees could walk out with the most damaging information.
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