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The SBTS 2007 Tax Calendar
While 88 percent of small businesses agree that they need a business- continuity plan, only 39 percent actually have one, according to a new Ad Council survey.
Some employers turn to electronic résumé-screening services to sift through the increasing number of job applications submitted online. The services help weed out applicants who appear to lack qualifications.
It’s likely that you hold property jointly with your spouse. Unfortunately, that can lead to tax confusion when you sell, bequeath or transfer your property. Plus, seemingly innocuous withdrawals can cause tax complications if you’re not careful.
Q  My brother and I inherited a beach house from our mother three years ago. I moved into the house permanently two years ago. If we sell the house now, do we each qualify for tax-free gain? L.M., Belmar, N.J.
Qualifying for home-sale exclusion demands ownership and residence for two of the past five years
So, you’ve decided to retire early. Congratulations! But before you devote your life to perfecting your golf swing or trotting around the globe, make sure your financial house is in order.
Q: I recently invested in several bond funds. These funds pay out dividends before the end of the year. Are the dividends tax-free?