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When a salaried employee works a different schedule, you must make sure your system captures the deviation and adjusts the paycheck accordingly.
When an employee requests leave for family care, medical, parenting or military emergencies, the first thing an employer should do is to determine if the leave qualifies as time off under the FMLA.
Such an agreement can be the kiss of death if it's anything like one recently reviewed by the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals.
Labor organizers claim they have named McDonald’s Corp. as a defendant in a series of sexual harassment complaints.
How you set up bonus programs can have a big impact on your overtime budget.
An employee could become so agitated that she develops an anxiety disorder that requires a reasonable accommodation—such as separating the harasser from her.
The Pennsylvania Superior Court has concluded that the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act may include an unpaid intern as a covered employee under the act.
When a worker requests FMLA leave but isn’t eligible because she hasn’t worked the requisite hours, there’s no need to go further.
Don’t let an employee tell you he should be excused from appropriate workplace behavior because of a disability.
Generally, truck drivers who engage in interstate commerce are covered by the Motor Carrier Act rather than the Fair Labor Standards Act as far as compensation and working conditions are concerned.
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