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Think you can close the book on an employment lawsuit once you’ve paid off the jury verdict? Think again. As this case show, the court can still have its claws around your organization’s throat for a long time …
Q. We have several temporary positions we must fill. A disabled applicant is qualified and we want to hire him but are worried we won’t be able to terminate him after the position ends. Are there any rules that require us to retain him?
Ever wonder what role employees who make sexual harassment claims have in fixing the problem? One court recently ruled they at least have to give their employer the opportunity to try to right the wrong ...
In the most anticipated employment law ruling of the year, the U.S. Supreme Court said a huge lawsuit on behalf of 1.5 million female Walmart employees cannot proceed as a single class-action case. Experts say the important ruling will make it more difficult for employees to band together in giant class-action cases against employers. (Walmart v. Dukes)
On April 27, the U.S. Supreme Court held that the Federal Arbitration Act protects a company’s right to include a class-action waiver in its arbitration agreement even though a state law bars such provisions as unconscionable. The case involved a retail consumer transaction, but it could have important implications for employers that use arbitration agreements.

Most people think of 50 as the magic number for the FMLA. “Oh, we have 50 employees, so now we have to comply with the FMLA,” is a popular refrain among HR departments. It is not that simple. The FMLA has two different rules that must be met before you have to offer FMLA leave to an employee—coverage and eligibility, which both have the magic number 50 as a key component.

Many employers are making the leap to “paperless” HR. Digital records are easy to access and cheap to archive. But despite the many benefits of electronic records storage, a host of legal problems could derail even the best-intentioned digital records plan. Here are the issues to consider before you make the transition.
Eventually, every employer will have to investigate some sort of workplace concern. Whether because of a dispute between co-workers or a need to address unethical or unlawful behavior, workplace investigations are an important and delicate exercise. The following tips will help investigations produce useful results.
A five-week trial in Cumberland County has ended in a win for a former manager at Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.’s Fayetteville plant. The jury awarded the employee $450,000 in compensatory damages for retaliation and emotional distress.
In the two years since the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA) became effective, employers have begun to experience its profound impact. Now the regulations for implementing the ADAAA have been finalized. Since courts generally defer to such reasonable administrative interpretations, these regulations will be an important factor in future ADA cases.