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It’s not enough that an employee alleges he or she has been diagnosed with what may be a disabling condition.
Even if you believe no accommodation is possible for a disabled worker, the ADA requires you to at least consider the possibility.
Slights and on-the-job isolation are not enough for an employee to make out a case for retaliation for reporting discrimination or participating in litigation against one’s employer.
Q. We just hired a contractor for a special project. He has complained that he is sensitive to the smells in our office, which include personal fragrance, scent diffusers and “smelly” food. Since he isn’t our employee can we just tell him to put up with the odor?
With new rules set to take effect Dec. 1, some of your previously exempt employees will find themselves in unfamiliar territory: having to stop working when the clock strikes 5:00.
Once you’ve been notified that an auditor is coming, get prepared by conducting your own audit.
Expect the NLRB’s aggressive moves to come to a halt once the board’s makeup is changed.

Employers aren’t required to create new positions to meet a disabled employee’s needs, but they must consider the employee for open positions that he or she may be qualified to perform.

Q. Our receptionist gets occasional migraine headaches, and she gave us a long list of “triggers” that she wants us to eliminate at work. The list includes no fluorescent lights. We cannot afford to replace all of our fluorescent lights. Can we just say no?
These three are among the names being floated as possible nominees to become the Trump administration’s Secretary of Labor, according to Politico.com.
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