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Employment Background Check

Our field-tested solutions are designed to assist you with employee background checks, background check guidelines and pre-employment screening.

You’ll also gain a full understanding of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, to guarantee you’re in compliance with every facet of employment background checks

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Thorough background checks can help you defeat any negligent hiring claim.
But what if applicants' background checks come up clean, yet they begin displaying troublesome behavior at your workplace. In ...
If your receipts still display customers' full credit card numbers, alert your top brass to a new law change: The renewed Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires business receipts to ...
When news reports surfaced in December that a New Jersey hospital nurse admitted to killing 30 to 40 patients in his 14-year career, a pattern of lax background checks emerged.
If you need to hire temporary workers, don’t wait too long to sign that contract. Temp hiring has increased in the past five months and the growing demand will eventually raise temp wages.
Issue: Temporary workers who are hired on as employees often fly under the radar of pre-employment checks. Risk: No legal recourse if your temp-turned-employee goes bad. Action: Treat temps ...

Good news: You no longer have to notify employees suspected of workplace misconduct that they are targets of third-party investigations. Congress recently altered the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) ...

The Federal Trade Commission estimates more than 27 million Americans became victims of identity theft in the past five years. Check your practices against those below to decide whether you’re doing all you should to protect your colleagues, clients—and yourself—from identity theft at work. __ If I must ask clients for personal information, I do [...]

Good news: Your organization no longer has to notify employees suspected of workplace misconduct that they are targets of third-party investigations. That's because Congress recently reauthorized the Fair Credit Reporting Act ...

Do your receipts still display the customer's full credit card number? If so, switch to an updated system or you'll risk violating a new law.

Quick quiz: If you hire temporary employees, what does your contract with the temp agency say about performing background checks? Is it your duty? Is it theirs?

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