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Employment Background Check

Our field-tested solutions are designed to assist you with employee background checks, background check guidelines and pre-employment screening.

You’ll also gain a full understanding of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, to guarantee you’re in compliance with every facet of employment background checks

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When you or your hiring managers need to fill an open slot fast, it may be tempting to skip steps in the application process. But don't do it; follow the proper ...
Before you seek consumer credit or background reports on applicants, you must obtain their written consent and give them a clearly written disclosure form.
But what about when you investigate ...
Horror stories about negligent hiring and subsequent legal liability have prompted many managers to go the background-check route. But now, new horror stories about identity theft, scams and bad data in the files might make some managers think twice.
Buyer beware: If you don't probe deeply into job candidates' backgrounds, you're in the minority these days.
In fact, 80 percent of employers polled in a new Society for Human ...
Employee-referral programs have become one of the most successful and least expensive recruiting strategies. But even with their popularity, employee-referral programs can be double-edged swords.
Relying too much on employee ...
Issue: Employees tend to refer people with similar characteristics to themselves.
Risk: Overrelying on employee referrals can create a homogeneous work force and spark discrimination complaints.
Action: Limit referrals ...

Issue: U.S. employers lose nearly $60 billion each year due to trade-secret theft, but many still often overlook this risk.
Risk: Your organization can be ruined if competitors gain access ...

Issue: Your role and responsibilities when it comes to domestic violence in the workplace.
Risk: Doing nothing risks lives, safety, morale, lawsuits and your bottom line.
Action: Take the ...
Issue: Web-based payroll services for small businesses offer more features than ever, and at better prices.
Benefit: Save HR time and cut your administrative costs.
Action: Look into the ...
Issue: More employers are testing job candidates by hiring them as temps first.
Risk: Temps converted to regular staff often fly under the radar of pre-employment checks, plus create other ...
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