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Employment Background Check

Our field-tested solutions are designed to assist you with employee background checks, background check guidelines and pre-employment screening.

You’ll also gain a full understanding of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, to guarantee you’re in compliance with every facet of employment background checks

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Q. I want to know whether applicants have ever stolen from or been fired by a prior employer. Can I require them to take a lie-detector test?

Some call the on-again, off-again (on, as of press time) U.S. Senate immigration-reform bill an offer of “amnesty” for millions of lawbreaking, undocumented immigrants. But Tommy Bagwell, CEO of American Proteins, Inc.—a poultry byproducts rendering plant in Cumming—says that’s hogwash ...

 Q. We recently rejected an applicant for employment after a background check revealed that he was fired from a previous job for stealing. He has since advised us that he received “first offender” treatment for the crime, and that the rejection therefore violates his rights. Is he correct?

Q. Our company uses the sheriff’s office to run criminal background checks on all finalists for employment. Our application form notifies the applicants that their criminal histories might be reviewed, but we do not provide any further notice to them. Our new personnel director is adamant that this practice is in violation of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Is she correct?

An employee who was injured by a blood pressure cuff during a pre-employment physical will receive total disability benefits from Virginia-based General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board has ruled ...

A lost laptop containing the Social Security numbers of more than 50,000 people ... A misplaced disk that contains account information for an entire state ... Your company’s greatest security threat probably comes not from outside sources but from your own employees. To protect against such internal threats and loss of information, you need to take specific measures to reduce potential risks ...

Q. When may an employer conduct background checks on employees and potential employees?

Two facility managers for ChildNet, the agency that runs Broward County’s child welfare system, were fired after being implicated in several thefts at the agency ...

The Illinois Human Rights Act makes it illegal to discriminate on the basis of a previous arrest record or criminal history that has been expunged, sealed or impounded. However ...

One good reason to have new employees serve a probationary period is that it gives you more time to check their backgrounds and find out whether they were forthcoming on their applications ...

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