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Employee Benefits Program

A strong employee benefits program – including low-cost employee incentives, employee recognition programs, and employee appreciation programs – can help you improve morale and retention.

We provide employee appreciation day ideas, help you with employee retention strategies and employee benefits management

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Gov. Bill Ritter recently signed into law the 2008 Professional Employer Organizations Modernization Act, which promises greater security for small businesses that rely on PEOs to provide outsourced HR management, employee benefits, payroll and workers’ compensation services ...

Employees who become disabled, request accommodations that never materialize and then resign may end up getting unemployment compensation. But if disabled employees fail to request accommodations, they’re out of luck ...

Although it may seem like the far-fetched excuse of an employee hoping to take a few days off from work, a condition known as “sick building syndrome” (SBS) is real. Some employees suffering from SBS have brought claims under the ADA. Others have sought recovery under state workers’ compensation laws ...

Q. Is an employee who resigns entitled to receive unemployment compensation under Texas law? ...

In a bid to improve employees’ fitness and reduce health costs, some U.S. employers are going far beyond subsidizing health-club fees or hosting lunchtime walking clubs. They’re taking their wellness initiatives to the edge. Three examples ...

On Nov. 17, the U.S. Department of Labor finalized the first major overhaul of the FMLA regulations in 15 years. Some changes favor employers, but others will make FMLA compliance trickier than ever. Here's what's in store. BONUS! HR Specialist will hold an audio conference briefing to help you comply with the new regs.

The massive $700 billion financial rescue bill that President Bush signed into law on Oct. 3 contained dozens of measures that have nothing to do with bailing out Wall Street or shoring up credit markets. Among them: long-awaited legislation that bans health insurers from imposing stricter limits on coverage for mental health and substance-use conditions than those set for other health problems.

The U.S. Labor Department is set to implement the first major revision of the FMLA since the law was passed in 1993. If approved, the proposed changes could help employers administer the complex 15-year-old law and avoid lawsuits. But the proposal carries a few extra burdens for employers, too.

On-site scuba lessons, desks on wheels, employee shopping sprees and unlimited time off are just a few of the ways innovative employers recruit, reward, retain and refresh workers. See if any of these best practices—some simple, some extravagant—inspire you to take a fresh look at your company’s perks.

Children account for 20% to 25% of employer health care spending, and rates of diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity are soaring among America’s kids and teens. Here are five tips for including employees' children in your company's wellness programs ...

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