Employee Benefits Program

A strong employee benefits program – including low-cost employee incentives, employee recognition programs, and employee appreciation programs – can help you improve morale and retention.

We provide employee appreciation day ideas, help you with employee retention strategies and employee benefits management

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As health insurance costs skyrocket, even as benefits dwindle, so does the trend toward employers setting up wellness programs—71% of U.S. employers offered such programs in 2008. Here’s how to make the case for establishing a wellness program in your workplace, plus initial steps to put the plan in motion.

With the Employee Free Choice Act on the Congressional front-burner, organized labor is poised for rapid expansion. Now is the time to audit your vulnerability to union organizing. How can you tell if workers might be eager to become union members? Ask yourself these questions.

Some employees of Hypertherm in Hanover, N.H., are earning a trio of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees—all on the company dime. And the organization has set a goal to send 3% of its employees to school at all times ...

By exerting proper control over your holiday party this year, you can reduce everyone's worries concerning the annual fete. Most important, careful planning will help your company avoid lawsuits as you ring in the New Year.

President-elect Barack Obama has said his plan for universal health coverage would reduce health care costs and save American businesses $140 billion a year. It would do so largely by requiring big businesses to provide health insurance for their workers or else pay into a federal fund that would provide coverage.

President Obama has put forth a significant employment and labor agenda. If he and the Democratic-controlled Congress succeed in passing proposed legislation, the next several years will see the creation of new protected classes, more family leave rights and the re-emergence of labor unions.

HR professionals do a lot of hand-wringing over how to cut health care costs. But one aspect often remains overlooked: the health of employees’ children. Here are five tips for including kids in wellness programs ...

Employees of Lincoln Industries will climb any mountain to improve their health. Seventy-four employees of the Lincoln, Neb.-based, steel-finishing firm climbed a 14,000-foot peak in Colorado as part of the firm’s wellness program.

On Jan. 1, 2009, the newly enacted ADA Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA) will go into effect. The law clarifies the ADA definition of disability and overturns certain U.S. Supreme Court decisions and EEOC regulations that narrowly interpreted the ADA ...

For most American workers, a sinking economy and job security are at the forefront of their minds. How do you shore up employee motivation at a time like this?

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