Employee Benefits Program

A strong employee benefits program – including low-cost employee incentives, employee recognition programs, and employee appreciation programs – can help you improve morale and retention.

We provide employee appreciation day ideas, help you with employee retention strategies and employee benefits management

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Q. We have an employee who recently submitted an expense report for more than $1,300 for an extended business trip. We accidentally reimbursed him twice. He did not report the double payment and we did not learn of the mistake until an internal audit two months later. Our company policy prohibits dishonesty and we want to fire the worker for violating this rule. Will he be able to collect unemployment benefits? May we withhold the vacation pay that is due to him under our policy, which would just about make us whole?
Natalie Schroeder was seven months into a high-risk twin pregnancy when she missed a doctor’s appointment. Her boss at Advanced Neuromodulation Systems in Plano told her she had to finish a report before she could leave. Three days later she went into labor and delivered a healthy girl—and a stillborn son. Now she is suing.

Employers are naturally concerned about employees who hurt themselves at work and collect workers’ compensation benefits. One of those concerns is that an early return, before the employee is ready, may cause a reinjury. That attitude, however, can come back to hurt if you insist on a 100%-healed requirement before the employee can resume work.

When it's time to present next year's HR budget, get the C-Suite's attention with these six talking points. They'll show you mean business.

Federal employment laws can be terribly confusing, particularly because they often have different definitions for the size of a business that is exempt from the law. Use the following list to make sure you’re not spending time and money complying with laws that only apply to larger businesses.

Many factors determine whether workers use their health and wellness benefits—everything from incentives you offer to how much staff trusts management to whether employees tell their spouses when they’re sick. Here are eight tips to trigger employee participation in wellness programs.
The Department of Health and Human Services has proposed new rules to strengthen HIPAA's confidentiality and security measures. While your health insurance carrier will have primary responsibility for compliance, you need to be able to answer employees' questions about their new privacy rights.
Q. One of our employees just returned from maternity leave and is now requesting that we accommodate her need to pump breast milk during the workday. Do we have to make this accommodation?
Employers are preparing for a spike in employee health costs now that health care reform has become law. In a Towers Watson survey, 94% of employers said they believe health care reform will raise their organizations’ costs. A study by Mercer found similar pessimism.
For business owners, the reality show “Undercover Boss” has become must-see TV. It features CEOs working undercover at the lowest levels in their own companies. It has, no doubt, encouraged other business owners to look at their operations more clearly through employees’ and customers’ eyes.