Discrimination and Harassment

Discrimination and harassment claims often increase in a down economy. Learn the proper techniques for conducing proper workplace harassment investigations, providing sexual harassment training, and more to reduce claims of employment discrimination and preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.

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If need be, you may be able to fire your ex-mistress. In one New York case, the guy decided to reconcile with his wife but she didn't want him to work ...
Bored or restless workers often kill time online.
Don’t assume that just because you have a written anti-bias policy, you’re safe from legal trouble.
Nearly a quarter of employees believe HIV-positive workers should be fired or put on disability at first sign of illness, according to a National AIDS Fund survey.
Many sexual harassment claims boil down to one employee’s word against the other’s. Without witnesses, you may not know how to proceed.
It’s hard enough to manage employees of any age. But when they’re significantly older than you, you’ve got an even more delicate situation.
If you terminate older workers, you may try to get them to waive their rights under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act in exchange for letting them keep their severance.
A 25-year-old can sue you for age discrimination, according to the New Jersey Supreme Court.
Beware of a probe recently launched by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
When hiring, it’s OK to consider the likelihood that an applicant will file lawsuits against you.
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