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Discrimination and Harassment

Discrimination and harassment claims often increase in a down economy. Learn the proper techniques for conducing proper workplace harassment investigations, providing sexual harassment training, and more to reduce claims of employment discrimination and preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.

Issue: Managers often unwittingly put your organization at risk when terminating someone. Risk: One wrongful-termination lawsuit or discrimination ...
A hospital fired an ER doctor for violating its gender-specific dress code. The doctor had continued to wear nail polish, cosmetics and "visible female undergarments" after being warned that his appearance ...
You know that certain questions are off-limits in a job interview. Just one wrong query, say about a candidate’s marital status or ethnicity, could run afoul of federal sex, age, race, religious, disability or national origin discrimination laws. But what do you do when a candidate volunteers such personal information? It’s too late to pretend [...]
Don't worry about assigning an employee to a job in which she'll need to upgrade her skills, even if that employee previously filed a lawsuit against your organization. Reason: As long ...
You’re often pressed into service to write employment ads for new job openings. But you may not be aware that a few poorly chosen words could open up the organization to a discrimination claim. For example, see if you can recognize the three problems with the following ad: “Waiters/busboys. Looking for energetic, recent H.S. grad [...]
Even if your state or local laws protect employees based
on their "marital status" or "family responsibilities," that
doesn't mean parent/employees can create their own schedule. You can still ...
Managers can learn a lot from other managers’ mistakes. Here are two recent court cases that show how seemingly small errors can come back to hurt the organization:   Don’t go easy on disabled workers. At evaluation time, some supervisors wrongly take the easy way out, glossing over an employee’s poor performance and refusing to [...]
Glass-ceiling lawsuits, in which women or minorities claim they're prevented advancement beyond a certain point, are tough to prove, but not impossible. If an employee can show a pattern of discrimination, ...
While it may be tempting, avoid firing employees in reaction to their in-house complaints or lawsuits, even if you think the charges are without merit. Reason: A jury will likely see ...

Notify staff if you're tracking them via GPS.


Cross-dressing at work isn't protected by law.

Silence pay-related complaints with wise words.