Discrimination and Harassment

Discrimination and harassment claims often increase in a down economy. Learn the proper techniques for conducing proper workplace harassment investigations, providing sexual harassment training, and more to reduce claims of employment discrimination and preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.

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The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs’ revised rules take effect today.
It’s usually hard for employees to win age discrimination lawsuits—unless a manager or supervisor insists on making ageist comments. These can create an age-based hostile work environment.
The EEOC has filed suit against a large Midwest McDonald’s franchisee that recently fired an employee who is HIV-positive and requires its employees to report all prescription medications they take.
The EEOC could well take the lead role in such a case—and it can throw almost unlimited legal and financial resources into its effort to beat you in litigation.
When it comes to retaliation, pay attention to how managers have disciplined in the past. Before approving a recommendation for discharge, you should check that history.
Employers sometimes have to make judgment calls: Is that misbehavior plain old horseplay … or a serious case of sexual harassment? The difference often comes down to context.
Here are the key points of the guidance, which was prompted by a disability discrimination spike.
Employees don’t call the shots when it comes to picking a reasonable disability accommodation. They can certainly make suggestions, but the ADA leaves the final decision to employers. As long as the chosen accommodation is reasonable, it complies with the law.
Some supervisors seem to think they can get away with mistreating low-paid workers who have few employment options. Increasingly, that confidence is misplaced.
The EEOC and Minnesota Department of Human Rights are the agencies primarily responsible for making sure employers comply with discrimination laws. When an applicant or employee files a discrimination charge in Minnesota, either agency or both will investigate.
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