Compensation and Benefits

Compensation and benefits topics – whether it’s minimum wage, workers’ compensation laws, or employee pay – if properly handled, can help you retain workers and recruit new ones.

Use our advice to craft independent contractor agreements that keep independent contractors – and your bosses – happy.

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Employees are typically ineligible for unemployment benefits if they were fired for creating a hostile work environment. That usually amounts to willful misconduct, which disqualifies them from collecting unemployment. But not every crude or stupid action is serious enough to bar benefits, as this case shows.

Many small employers make decisions about medical plans and other benefits based on cost alone. But here’s another factor to consider: How does your organization stack up against employers of the same size?
Philadelphia employers that do business with the city had to begin providing paid sick leave to their employees on July 1, when new provisions of the city’s “21st Century Minimum Wage Standard” went into effect.
If you’re like most U.S. employers, your workers sign up for health insurance coverage during a two- or four-week span—known as open enrollment—in late October or early November. If you’re planning open enrollment for your 2013 plan year, follow this checklist.
The U.S. Department of Justice is suing the Texas Department of Agriculture and the Texas General Land Office for alleged pay discrimination at the now-defunct Texas Department of Rural Affairs.
When the U.S. Supreme Court decided in June to uphold most of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act health care reform law, the clock started ticking on a number of benefits-related deadlines employers must meet. From summaries of bene­­fits and coverage to health care flex funds to health benefits reporting on 2012 W-2s, now is the time to review your health insurance obligations.
Officers and owners of Columbus-based Clark Graphics must pay back more than half a million dollars to the company’s two pension plans after federal investigators found that the money went missing because of lax oversight.
Q. We recently fired a veteran sales representative on short notice. He still has a new iPad that we purchased to help make sales presentations. We have repeatedly asked him to return the iPad, but he is ignoring our requests. Can we now just deduct the cost from his last paycheck?
While the legality of the Affordable Care Act health care reform law was pending before the Supreme Court, the IRS issued final regulations on the premium tax credit. Since the dust has settled, it’s time to take a closer look at the regs.
If you are contemplating changing your compensation structure to re­­flect today’s lean job market, do so carefully—especially if you suspect you may be overpaying some senior employees for the work they do.
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