Compensation and Benefits

Compensation and benefits topics – whether it’s minimum wage, workers’ compensation laws, or employee pay – if properly handled, can help you retain workers and recruit new ones.

Use our advice to craft independent contractor agreements that keep independent contractors – and your bosses – happy.

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The two key percentages you need to know to avoid free-rider penalties under the health care reform law are 60% and 9.5%. Your health plan must offer minimum value by picking up at least 40% of the cost (i.e., full-time employees can’t pay more than 60% out-of-pocket) and be affordable (i.e., employees’ premiums can’t exceed 9.5% of their household income).
Where does your organization stand now that the Obama administration has pushed back the employer mandate portion of the Affordable Care Act?
New York technology provider SiteCompli attracts recent college graduates for entry-level jobs with perks like a “Dress Like a Rock Star” clothing budget for each employee, a Chelsea loft-style office complete with a kitchen full of snacks, a conference table made of 32,000 Legos and high-intensity ping-pong tournaments.
Employees who steal from their employers violate their duty of loyalty. That makes them ineligible for unemployment compensation. That’s true even if the theft is small. But you must be prepared with clear testimony if you want to contest the worker’s right to unemployment benefits.
The San Jose Minimum Wage Ordinance, which took effect on March 11, raised the minimum wage for “covered employees” to $10 per hour. A “covered em­­ployee” is anyone who works two or more hours per week within the city limits.
In Minnesota, employees are supposed to be paid promptly and receive an accounting of their time worked. Failure to comply may mean you’ll have to pay a penalty.
Q. If a salaried manager is contacted via phone or email while out on a sick day and she responds, would that constitute work performed? Would that still be considered a sick day?
Technology salaries jumped by 5% last year, more than they have in a decade, according to a compensation survey by Dice, a career site for technology and engineering professionals.

Here's a chart summarizing states' paid and unpaid short-term leave laws. In most cases, leave is unpaid, but employees may substitute paid leave. States that don't have laws aren't listed.

Q. Our company gives eight hours of sick leave per month to nonexempt employees. We’ve been told that, under the FLSA, exempt employees are to be paid whenever they are sick. So our exempt employees have virtually an unlimited sick-leave balance. Is this a correct way to interpret the FLSA? Should we have some type of sick-leave accrual and tracking for our exempts?
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