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HR Soapbox

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The recession has ratcheted up America’s stress level, and employers are seeing the results spill out in their workplaces. Swearing is the most obvious example. So should you put an all-out ban on swearing at work? Probably not, here's why ...

Check out the signature lines on emails you receive. Are you seeing more “chief” this or “senior” that or “VP” of whatever? Title inflation—or “uptitling” or “title fluffing”—has been around forever, but it traditionally picks up speed during recessions. But the practice raises organizational, morale and even legal risks. Here are three issues to consider before changing a title ...

Ah, summer ... That wonderful time of year when everything slows down—including your business and your employees. The easiest thing to do, then, is just accept this state of affairs. After all, there is a gentlemen's agreement in the business world that operations are supposed to slow down a little in the summer, right? Wrong. Here are five ways for companies to keep their focus this summer ...

Come Monday, if your employees are looking at you a little funny, maybe they just saw the new movie "Horrible Bosses," which opens this weekend. Most employees already know if they have a horrible boss. Nearly half (46%) of U.S. employees say they’ve worked for an "unreasonable manager." One main reason people hate their boss is trust or, more accurately, lack of it. Here are six ways managers can work to earn back the trust from their employees ...

With unemployment still hovering above 9%, too many managers approach their employees with the attitude—whether through words or actions or both—that employees should feel lucky to even have a job. While that may be true, it’s a horrible baseline to start a manager/employee relationship.
Résumés with common names are more likely to receive callbacks than those with Russian and African American names, according to a study published in the Journal of Managerial Psychology. And a Canadian study using 6,000 dummy résumés yielded similar results for “English-sounding” names versus Pakistani and Chinese names. Although no specific federal law makes it unlawful to discriminate based on a person’s name, name-based evaluation methods could trigger claims of race bias or national origin discrimination.
You're doing a good job. That's a great idea. Thanks for your extra effort. For some employees, hearing those words is better than a cash bonus. Yet, many managers can muster up such phrases only during annual reviews ... if at all.
HR professionals and managers are at the front lines when dealing with angry employees. You typically have to deal with their raw rage. So, how can you handle angry employees' complaints without adding more stress to your day or opening the organization to legal liability?
Inspiring leader … Quiet problem solver … Compassionate mentor.  Different employees crave different things from their managers. Unless you’re a mind reader, it’s impossible to know exactly what your staff wants from you.
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