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They've become an important medium for getting work done, so you need a policy that covers how they're used.
Today, gender equality in the workplace is top of mind for politicians, activists, business leaders—and your employees.
Make abstract qualities more concrete by answering “yes” or “no” to the following questions.
Although most organizations have specific policies on paid leave, they can't tell a supervisor how to respond to every leave request employees make...
The NCAA basketball tournament starts this week, which means plenty of your copier paper will soon be burned up to make bracket betting sheets. But, are there downsides to March Madness?
Digital note-taking has many advantages that might convince the dedicated paper note-taker to switch over.
Many admins no longer see simple tasks as their role and become resentful when a re­­quest comes their way. So, what to do?
If your CEO sends you an email requesting a list of employees and their Social Security numbers, watch out!
Here are three of the hardest personality types you’ll come across at work—and how to manage them.
Many people hide their feelings out of anger, fear or uncertainty. So a manager needs to have his or her radar up when an employee says one thing and thinks or does another.
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