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The Department of Labor's update to the Fair Labor Standards Act guarantees overtime rights for many more salaried workers.
If the new employee is better than half of the existing staff, your organization has just gotten better. If not, unfortunately, your organization just got worse.
These days, most employees have their pay deposited directly into their bank accounts. Most isn’t all, however.
You are not perfect, and you will hear criticism from time to time. Follow these tips to being able to handle your critics better.
An out-of-date employee handbook is more of a liability than an asset.
Here's a list to keep handy as you journey through your career.

It’s hard to say where the “so” opener started, but it most certainly is insanely contagious. Here are other weak sentence starters to be mindful of when you speak.

Pets just might become one of the elements of a good employee retention policy.
How many of these would have made you toss a résumé into the trash without a second thought, possibly ensnaring you in a legal problem?
Having references won’t help if you can’t get them to open up to you about an applicant.
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