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A company's mission statement needs to focus the energy of everyone in the organization. Here's a five-point approach to creating an effective one.
How to welcome, prep and manage those seasonal employees.
More U.S. workers seem to be satisfied with their jobs than at any time since 2005. But do they have everything they want?
Disciplinary and termination meetings are emotionally charged events that carry the potential for legal troubles.
Running a succesful virtual meeting takes just as much preparation as a real-world meeting. Here are some tips.
Password apps have become more and more robust over the past several years; here's some help sorting out the best.
Could it be that so many were completely unaware that such a big change was on its way?
The Department of Labor's update to the Fair Labor Standards Act guarantees overtime rights for many more salaried workers.
If the new employee is better than half of the existing staff, your organization has just gotten better. If not, unfortunately, your organization just got worse.
These days, most employees have their pay deposited directly into their bank accounts. Most isn’t all, however.
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