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Looking to justify a request for an HR budget increase? A couple of news items this week should help. They say employees are getting more litigious and it’s much harder to comply with the alphabet soup of employment laws and regulations.

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By now you’ve heard of this week’s scandal involving a former Penn State football coach and the university’s decade-long cover-up of his alleged molestation of young boys. One HR lesson is obvious: Employers can never ignore reports of misconduct and harassment by employees against anyone—co-workers, clients or anyone on the premises. But at what point does harassment cross the line into something more serious (like assault) that requires an employer to call to the police? …

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How would you grade your social media intelligence? If you’ve been sticking your head in the ground and hoping all the Facebook/Twitter buzz would stop buzzing, a recent report says it’s time to start paying more attention.


The 15 Scariest Jobs in America

by Pat DiDomenico on October 27, 2011 4:00pm

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As Halloween approaches, workers and workplaces are dressing the part. But when it comes to the actual jobs we perform, some professions are more frightening than others. CareerBuilder today published results of a survey that asked 4,300 American workers what they consider the scariest professions. The results ranged from the death-defying (firefighter) to the potentially humiliating (stand-up comic) to the truly creepy (cemetery worker). The top 15, in order …


You want your employees to innovate … to take risks. But innovations carry a high rate of failure. How does your company respond to failed initiatives? Is it a “no-mistakes” culture? Some leaders are working to change the risk-averse culture at their organizations. In fact, they’re going out of their way to celebrate employee failures. Some examples …


The “What Were They Thinking” file is full of stories about managers with a distorted view of team building exercises. Their misguided efforts not only crushed morale but triggered expensive legal claims. Leading nominees from the Hall of Shame just in the past year…


Think for a second about your most innovative and productive employees. It’s likely that they approach life in the same way they approach work—with an unbridled passion. With the news of Steve Jobs death yesterday, I remembered a remarkable commencement speech the Apple founder gave at Stanford University in 2005. He spoke of that kind of passion for work and life. The highlights …


What would happen if you walked into the hallway today and posted a listing of every employee’s salary, from highest to lowest? Mayhem? Fistfights? Certainly a lot of questions. While secrecy shrouds pay levels in most businesses, one author and consultant argues to let the sun shine in. What do you think? …


When Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz was ousted this month, she went out in her classic style, with verbal guns blazing. The woman who once threatened certain Yahoo employees to “drop kick them to f***ing Mars,” told the press after her recent firing that Yahoo had “f***ed me over.” Are harsh words and harsh behavior becoming […]


Make room for another poster on your breakroom wall. This week, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) released a highly controversial notice that employers will have to post in their workplaces by Nov. 14, 2011. The poster notifies employees of their right to form or join a union. What effect do you think the poster will have in your workplace … if any?


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