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Michael Fox

Q. A former employee wants copies of 18-months’ worth of e-mails. That would be an enormous undertaking. Do we have to honor the request? …


Child support payments

by Michael Fox on December 1, 2008 1:00am

in Human Resources

Q. Do we have to deduct child-support payments from employee wages? …


Q. One of our employees hurt her back lifting boxes. She has been off work for several weeks. We have been counting her absence against her FMLA entitlement. She was scheduled to return to work recently, but she now tells us the healing will take longer than expected. December is our busiest time of the year! Must we continue giving her leave?       


Q. We pay our workers every two weeks. How should we calculate overtime? …

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Workplace bullying has existed for as long as mean people have worked alongside others. Only recently, however, has it emerged as an issue for the courts to handle — it’s now a significant liability hazard for employers. Here’s how to institute a “no-jerks” rule at work that can help stop bullies.


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