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Question: "Our inner-office setup consists of modular, portable walls that are 6 feet tall, which does little to deflect sound. A co-worker sitting behind me and two desks away is loud and talks constantly. To top that off, she laughs after making 95 percent of her statements.

"It's gratifying to know that she enjoys her co-workers and job, but everything isn't funny!

"I've overheard her refer to the fact that she talks a lot, so she knows it. My supervisor, who is an officer of the company, often must close his door to limit the disruption caused by this individual.

"I'm not the only one complaining about her boisterousness, yet it appears that no one wants to deal with addressing this issue with her. I have no authority over her, and her immediate supervisor is located in a private outer office with a door, so I doubt that he's aware of the disturbance she causes. When other issues have arisen in the past, he hasn't taken any action, so the pattern is set, and we doubt he would deal with this issue, either.

"It's difficult to concentrate and, although I try to tune her out, I'm hardly ever successful.  Some co-workers have taken to wearing a Walkman with ear pieces to drown her out.

"Someone suggested that she might have a hearing problem, which I strongly doubt since she never asks anyone to repeat themselves. The other suggestion was that she could have low self-esteem and she counteracts that by laughing.

"Whatever the cause, I could really use some ideas as to how to address this constant, nagging problem.  Thank you for your time and consideration."  -- Anonymous

Question: What criteria (or what procedures) do other companies use to select their 'Employee of the Month' or other similar awards?"  -- Ron

Question: "I need some good employee-appreciation ideas. My company has about 500 employees who work in different departments, and we don't even recognize birthdays! There's so much to be done, but I wanted to get some other points of view first."  -- Looking for ideas in Mississippi

Question: I work in an office with three other administrative people. One of the other admins and I have a good work ethic: We need to keep busy (and we are very busy), and have significant responsibility. The other two people do not have enough to do. Therefore, they're on the Internet, they make personal phone calls, and they visit a lot.

One of these two people is also not a team player. She will not sort/deliver mail if someone is absent, won't do a room set-up and won't offer help to others.

The other productive person and I talked to our boss two weeks ago. She admitted that she's aware of all that is going on and knows that the other two admin people do not have enough to do. I believe she is trying to find more work for them, but I queston whether it will really happen.

We don’t know where to go from here. We have suggested having phone reports run on these two people but our boss does not seem to want to do this.

The real problem is that, when I see them talking or on the Internet, I get very angry. I need some help in handling this problem, because even though I love my job, I don’t even want to come in to work anymore.  -- Totally frustrated

Admin pools

by on February 10, 2006 2:30am
in Admin Pro Forum

Question: Does anyone have information on "admin pools" (when a group of administrative assistants work together as a team and report to a senior assistant)? If you are a member of an admin pool or the supervisor of one, I would love to hear your feedback on what you feel are the pros and cons of this type of arrangement. How do you like it in comparison to the traditional arrangement of working solo, reporting to management?  -- Amy, Massachusetts

Question: I have a Junior AA working with me who is pretty young and this is her first "real" job. She is a good worker when she's here. My problem is that she sits in the reception area and walks in a half-hour late at least two or three times a week, or dresses inappropriate for a business office.

While I understand that she's young and a good worker, I don't want to keep reminding her that working hours are from 8:30 to 5:30 and not from 9:00 to 5:30. I have tried talking to her about dressing and being late, but it seems to fall on deaf ears. I have tried to give her verbal warnings. I'm not sure what to do next.  -- Needing Help in New York

Question: I work in an office where I am in the center of everything, so I can hear and see everything that goes on.  One of my co-workers pretends to work all day but spends most of the time on the phone, and it's all personal calls. I believe that my boss is clueless as to what's going on.

I'm wondering if I need to let my boss know what's going on or continue to do my work and not pay any attention. It's very distracting and discouraging because I do more work than my co-worker and they get paid
a whole lot more than I do.  -- Discouraged in Alabama

Cursor issues

by on February 3, 2006 3:00am
in Admin Pro Forum

Question: Our office has a custom letterhead template with text boxes at the bottom for each office location to insert its address, phone and fax numbers. Each time we open this template, the cursor is automatically positioned in this text box, no matter where the cursor was in the document the last time the template was updated and saved.  How do we force the cursor to appear in the addressee line at the top of the template each time it's opened?  -- Ann in Wausau

Question: I have been employed in good standing with a great corporation for more than eight years.

Working in the administrative field has been my specialty for years, and I've worked my way into the position that I hold now: Receptionist/Clerk.

I have grown this position over four years to be much more than a receptionist; I'm more like an Administrative Assistant/Office Manager.

I strive for challenge, change and continuous learning. Over the past few years, I have applied for internal transfers and promotions, applying for nine different position in the past two years alone.

Each position was filled with another candidate. Why?

When I get the calls to let me know that I did not receive the jobs, the responses were along the lines of:  "You interview well. We like your personality. You were one of the top candidates. Your skill set was very desirable, but we did not think you would be a fit for the position."

Can someone give me some feedback to let me know what you think?  -- Anonymous

Question: "When I returned to work after the recent holidays, I learned that a junior admin in our office had had her title upgraded to equal mine. When I asked my boss about this, she said that it was to keep job titles similar to those of our sister companies.

"I've worked here much longer than this person has and I have more important responsibilities. I don't know how her salary compares to mine ... and I don't want to know. But I do feel that I earned my title and she didn't.

"What should I do about this?"  -- Frustrated in Alabama

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