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Share best-practices with your administrative peers. Pose a question, offer advice, or just be a fly on the wall.

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Question: It is my job to order the food for our board meetings. We’ve had several complaints about ordering the same types of food for each meeting. My boss generally requests Caesar salads or sandwiches with small sides. Does anyone have any ideas as to what else we could serve for our board meetings? I need to keep the cost reasonably low.  -- Gina

Question: For the second year in a row, I have composed a short e-mail invite to the managers and supervisors on staff. Another employee informed me that the words managers and supervisors should be capitalized. It’s very common in the business profession today not to capitalize titles, especially in the context I am using. (“I have revised a new schedule this year for the managers/supervisors to serve the luncheon.”)

What is the correct capitalization in this situation? It would be helpful if I could point to a reference book or similar authority when replying to this person.  -- Aida

Question: I read your Admin Pro Forum - Dealing with Divas, and I’m interested in obtaining a job description for a Sr. Admin Assistant. I am an executive assistant doing Sr. executive work. I’d like to see other job descriptions in order to help establish my own senior job description and present it to my boss. Having input from another senior admin assistant would be helpful.  -- Cindy

Question: I am the HR Director for a nursing home. I have had several complaints against one of my supervisors from his staff. I have reported a more serious incident to the Administrator and also presented a few other complaints to him. The Administrator confronted the supervisor. The staff has since reported back to me that the supervisor’s attitude has changed toward them, and it makes them uncomfortable and creates an unpleasant working environment.

They do not want me to report him again because of his behavior toward them after the last complaint. And they do not want me to confront their supervisor.

How can I help this department if they do not want me to report him?

I feel that it’s my obligation to these employees to make them feel safe in the workplace and enjoy coming to work each day.  -- Anonymous

Question: I will be working with a new director soon. When I meet with the new director, I would like to ask the right questions in order to get to know his work style or what he expects of me. I would like help in asking the right questions so I know what he expects. For instance, the information that I placed on my former boss’s Outlook calendar may not be what my new boss would like on his calendar. Another question might be how he prefers me to handle mail, for example, date stamped, placed in folders, etc.

What other questions should I ask?  -- Anonymous

Question: I am the HR manager for a company that had 35 employees. Recently, our company merged with a sister company, and now we have 85 employees. We feel it’s time to get some HR software, but we don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on it. Can anyone recommend a good, economical software package that tracks attendance, PTO, raises, benefits, appraisals, discipline measures, etc?  -- Ann
Question: When a job advertisement asks for salary requirements along with your resume, what is the appropriate manner in which to state it?  -- Lori

Question: Has anyone in a Sr. Admin. Asst. role had to deal with a “Diva”? I am a Sr. Admin. Asst. and I work with an Admin. Asst. who feels that she doesn’t have to respond to my requests, especially when I ask her to provide information to me prior to meetings. She wants to do the PowerPoint presentation herself; therefore, she shows up with it on a disk the morning of the meeting. Others provide the information to me and I create the PowerPoint, so I know I have everything ready. She’s very talented and I depend on her, but she comes across as “I don’t have to follow anyone else’s rules.” Any suggestions?  -- Anonymous

Question: Microsoft has a product called “Markup” that allows you to proof other people’s documents internally. Has anyone used this, and if so, do you like it and is it easy to use? Are other products available that perform similar functions?  -- JAG

Question: Our company has job descriptions for several levels of administrative assistants, but it doesn’t have one specifically for executive assistants. Typically, the executive assistant position requires a level of support beyond what the average admin provides. Does anyone have a really strong job description for an executive admin position?  -- Carol

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