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Question: I am currently employed in Southern California, but I am looking for employment in Dallas, Texas. I am an executive assistant and have an excellent work record. I have applied for many jobs online that I am completely qualified for, but I don't get any feedback. I believe this is because I am not located in Texas. If I found employment in Texas, I would give notice immediately here and move within two weeks. Is there any way to find employment before relocating? -- Help
Question: How do you feel about being asked or expected to make coffee in your office? If you are the first person to arrive at the office, do you take it upon yourself to make it? What if you are not a coffee drinker? Is it your duty/responsibility to brew up a fresh pot every day?  -- Anonymous, Los Angeles

Question: I report directly to the director and I also supervise the receptionist/secretary in our agency. The problem is dealing with the assistant director (AD), who is a bully. I have tried to let the bullying slide, but the receptionist/secretary has submitted a complaint to me on how uncomfortable it makes her feel when the AD screams at me.

The AD gets mad about things I have no control over. She also makes verbal changes on procedures and when we make the changes, she comes back and states she didn’t say that. I handle payroll and she will come in and make changes on payroll day. Then she comes into my office and hollers and screams at me because I had to add information into the payroll system. I have tried to speak to her. I have apologized to her. But she is a bully, and I am at the point that I may need to look for another position. The director speaks to her and she gets upset and hollers at him, too. He allows it, and then I get it even worse.  --- Anonymous


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Question: Last year, my boss reassigned my direct report to a new supervisor because it "wasn't fair" that the supervisor didn't have a direct-report secretary while one of her peers did. The consequence of my boss's action stripped me of my supervisor status, thus preventing me from attending any supervisor meetings and/or training sessions. Was this a just act? I’ve had no performance issues and over 20 years of excellent reviews. Any advice? -- Anonymous
Question: With the ever-rising cost of materials, especially gasoline, the need for additional income has surfaced as a means of making ends go a bit farther. As a single mother, I would like to do some work-at-home clerical jobs to help with the budget. Has anyone had any experience with this type of employment or do you know of any legitimate organizations that offer at-home based work?  -- Anonymous

Question: I recently worked on a "team project" that included giving a presentation to an entire department (think "The Apprentice Lite"). We didn't have a project manager, but three out of the four team members worked night and day for three weeks on this project.

The three of us did literally 99.9 percent of the work. The fourth team member (we call her "The Albatross") came up with the "concept" but when asked to complete her portion of the presentation, she would regurgitate what we had already done in a completely unusable format.

When we gave the presentation, she chimed in during our portions, making it look as though we had overlooked something and that she had "saved the day."

Unfortunately, the Donald wasn't there to ask us who should have been fired. What is your advice on handling future projects such as this, with a deadbeat project member who happily lets you do all her work and takes all the credit? -- Migraine Millie

Question: I am looking for Web sites where I can compare telephone systems. We are building a new facility and will be installing a new phone system. I would like to compare the systems that I have bids on. They are ESI, Nortel, ProCom and INTER-TEL. Does anyone have feedback on any of these systems? -- Melinda
Question: I need to update all our procedures and policies in a consistent format that the entire department can access with read-only capabilities.

I need a program that people can search by one word or the complete title. What works the best, Excel or Access? Are there other programs that work better? We are a large company and a large department.  -- JG
Question: Are “step-siblings” considered “siblings" when independence or personal conflict is being considered in a workplace environment? -- Anonymous

Question: I frequently send out meeting notices by e-mail to a large group of volunteers, well in advance of the meeting date. While some of the volunteers RSVP, many do not. I also send out a small reminder closer to the meeting date.

Sometimes this helps, but quite a few volunteers never respond. This is a problem because their attendance is very important, and I order food according to how many people are coming.

How should I handle this in a courteous and professional way? You can't force people to respond to your e-mails. My last resort is to call each person individually, but I feel like I'm being "pushy" when I do that. Plus, that takes a lot of time. Any suggestions? -- Anonymous

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