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Question: I'm setting up a large distribution list that I will use to send an announcement. I’ll be using “Bcc” in Outlook.  What name should I use in the “To:” box?  Is there a generic name that I can use?  And what name will appear to the Bcc recipients? - Chierile
Question: My boss needs a way to track tasks that he assigns to his direct reports. We tried using "task list" in Outlook, but once you assign a task to someone, they become the owner. My boss wants to see all the progress for his direct reports. Do you have any suggestions? - Rondallyn McKinzie

Question: A co-worker and I are using Print Shop Deluxe to create a newsletter. But we’re having difficulties saving it in the format the printer needs. The printer requests a minimum 300 dpi. Print Shop properties show 600 dpi, but when the print shop receives it, it shows up at  96 dpi. The printer also requests the file as .pdf .eps or .tif. I can’t seem to find those options.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Are other programs more compatible when using outside printers, such as Quark, Adobe, etc.? And do they have the capability to print newsletters? - Tanya in Denver

Question: How do I post, as an All Day Event in an Outlook calendar, a lengthy reminder that will wrap the text so you can view the complete reminder, whether it’s two or three lines? - Anonymous

Question: Although I am not in charge of making sure that the restrooms stay clean, people tell me when it needs cleaning.

Any suggestions on how to communicate in a professional manner that everyone should pick up after themselves and maintain a clean restroom? We provide cleaning supplies such as Clorax wipes, etc. - Martha

Question: When my boss assigns work, I try to go over it with him to make sure that I understand the task or offer suggestions. He often stomps, shouts, uses foul language and belittles me by interrupting and saying, “ I’m worth more than your time.”

Management apologizes for him, but takes no action. I’m not in a position to change jobs because of my age and because I need the insurance. How should I handle the situation? - Anonymous

Question: What is your opinion?  An individual is job searching, and she’s three months pregnant. Does she inform a potential employer that she’s pregnant (voluntarily)?  If so, how?  If not, after she’s employed ... how and when? Should she just stay at her current employer? - Jean/Kansas

Question: We have a small break room where used personal dishes sit in the sink for days ... even a week or more.  Signs have been posted, but still people ignore it and leave their bowls, spoons, cups, etc.

I've collected the dirty dishes in times past and put them into an empty box with a label affixed on top, "Dirty Dishes."  But, the trash people picked it up and threw it away.  Anyone have other solutions? - Marilee Crowell

Question: I’m having trouble with an Outlook calendar that I am responsible for arranging. One week after I post the appointment, it disappears. The only appointments that remain on this calendar are recurring ones.

I have checked the various settings, filters and options in Outlook. I have searched through Microsoft Online, and I still cannot find a solution and/or explanation. It seems like such a simple thing, but I am truly baffled. - Keisha

Question: There are three administrative assistants in my office, including myself.  One of them is the office perfectionist who gets upset with others, including the administration and her own manager, if they do not do things "just the way and when" she thinks they should. 

She also gets upset when her manager interacts with me. I do work for "her" manager as well as the other managers in our offices, so there are times when we must interact.  She is very stern and serious, and I am a little frightened of her temper. 

When she gets upset with someone she slams her office door and leaves it closed for the day. I did not want to approach her because I did not want to deal with her anger and harshness.  When she gets in this bad mood I stay away from her.  I feel like it is "her problem" and she needs to get a grip. The door slamming is disruptive and upsetting for others and very unprofessional behavior. -  Anonymous.

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