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Question: I’d like an explanation of what ‘real time’ documentation means. — Cece King, M.S.
Question: “Earlier this year, my boss promised me a salary increase by midyear. When I reminded him, he said he'd forgotten … and then did nothing. (Other employees have had similar issues with him.) How should I approach him about honoring his promise? This is putting a strain on our working relationship!” — Judy, Minneapolis
Question: “This question is about the Stationery feature for e-mails in Windows. In Windows XP, Outlook Express, I was able to set up many stationery options. But I now have Windows Vista, Windows Mail, and I have been unable to set up the stationery feature for my e-mails. Does anyone know how to do this successfully?”  -- Robbie
Question: "I'm sympathetic with employees who have to juggle work and child care. But it becomes a distraction when employees bring in their kids for a couple hours (or longer on school holidays or summer). And it doesn’t set a professional tone. Does your company have any policies or procedures to handle kids in the office?” – Kristin, New Jersey
Question: "I keep a 'master calendar' for my boss that I want to be shared with her at all times. We currently use Microsoft Explorer to do this. Does anyone have any suggestion for software that would allow this?" -- Susan Marvin
Question: “I’m searching for tips on how to handle co-workers who steal, tweak and execute others’ ideas and then smile with glee when receiving recognition for it. How should I handle it? Should I keep my ideas to myself and only share them with upper management or in a group setting where I’ll receive the credit?” —Lisa
Question: “I’m having a hard time finding training programs for administrative assistants. Can anyone suggest training/skill-building programs in the Austin, Texas, area?” —Tonia Bouldwin
Question: “I need to set up a scheduling/tracking calendar for conducting performance appraisals, so I’ll know when each employee’s appraisal is due. Any ideas?” —Anonymous
Question: “Can anyone suggest a good software program or site where I can learn to create a web site?” — Ina Piner-Givens
Question: “I’m looking for suggestions for outside team-building exercises for a small group of three employees. All exercises seem to be for larger teams. Our company budgets $150 per quarter for such events. Thanks.” – Susan
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