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Question: I am responsible for coming up with the holiday gift idea for our board members.  I was given a budget of $250 - $300 and I am, unfortunately, at a complete loss:  corporate wear seems to go unworn; food baskets are given away because they receive more than they can eat; and my boss doesn't like the idea of show/sports tickets because the directors are from different regions.  Does anyone have an idea for something different and useful?  — Anonymous
Question: The company I work for had an office/staff restructuring about a year ago. I was hired as the office administrator. My boss is also new. He tells me that as an administrator, I should administrate. When I do, he doesn’t back me up and inevitably he goes in the opposite direction and has me jump through hoops only to end up right back where I started.

I’ll say, “the sky is blue.” He’ll say, "No ... the sky is green, and why don't you study up on the green sky and get back to me on why it is green." Then he’ll come back a week later and say “the sky is blue” and a week later ask me how the “green sky” is going.
How should I tactfully and professionally tell him I’m frustrated and it affects the way I get things done? I am very confident in how I do my job, but to be honest, there are times when I'll question if the sky really is green. —  Paula
Question: I’m searching for either a software program or service that will allow our company to send and receive faxes through e-mail, using our current fax number. We are a small office (8 people), but occasionally we need to send and receive large faxes and our fax machine frequently has line-quality problems.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  What are some factors to consider? — Atlanta
Question: After my boss said to me, "If anyone calls here and wants something done, give the call to Mary or me because we are the only ones who do anything around here," I just turned and walked away trying to ignore what he said. What would have been the best way to handle this? —Anonymous
Question: I’m looking for sample job descriptions for an executive assistant to the President/CEO.  Any ideas where to look? — Frannee Johnson
Question: I’d like an explanation of what ‘real time’ documentation means. — Cece King, M.S.
Question: “Earlier this year, my boss promised me a salary increase by midyear. When I reminded him, he said he'd forgotten … and then did nothing. (Other employees have had similar issues with him.) How should I approach him about honoring his promise? This is putting a strain on our working relationship!” — Judy, Minneapolis
Question: “This question is about the Stationery feature for e-mails in Windows. In Windows XP, Outlook Express, I was able to set up many stationery options. But I now have Windows Vista, Windows Mail, and I have been unable to set up the stationery feature for my e-mails. Does anyone know how to do this successfully?”  -- Robbie
Question: "I'm sympathetic with employees who have to juggle work and child care. But it becomes a distraction when employees bring in their kids for a couple hours (or longer on school holidays or summer). And it doesn’t set a professional tone. Does your company have any policies or procedures to handle kids in the office?” – Kristin, New Jersey
Question: "I keep a 'master calendar' for my boss that I want to be shared with her at all times. We currently use Microsoft Explorer to do this. Does anyone have any suggestion for software that would allow this?" -- Susan Marvin
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