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Question: “I will be meeting with upper management about establishing basic company policies. Some long-time employees come and go whenever and spend too much time on the Internet or personal calls. It’s starting to affect morale. How do I convince them that the company needs ‘basic’ policies such as progressive discipline, drug/alcohol abuse, annual reviews, fair and consistent treatment, etc.?” — Pat
Question: “I work for an engineering/environmental consulting firm. We currently have accrual limits for vacation and sick leave. Employees accrue six days of sick leave per year, and the limit is 240 hours (one month). At no time shall the total accrued vacation time exceed two times the employee’s annual vacation benefit. We do pay out half of accrued sick leave hours at the time an employee terminates. I am interested in hearing how other firms handle vacation and sick leave accruals, and if accrued sick leave hours are paid out at termination.” — Peggy
Question: “Does anybody offer employees a broad range of fringe benefits beyond the standard ones most companies offer, especially in light of the current economy? Our boss can’t really give us raises, but he would like to offer additional benefits that could be used by all employees. Is anyone aware of any benefits we could offer, (gas, groceries, etc)?” — Lyndsey Bell
Question: “My organization will be bringing in another company to conduct a salary survey.  Has anyone been through this? What can I expect? Can you give me some tips to maximize my potential pay rate?” — Karen
Question: “My company has just launched a ‘Career Ladder’ with various tracks and role profiles. The administrative track is the only one in which the levels are related to the status of the boss. In other words, you can be an Executive Assistant only if you support a President. As I was hired as an executive assistant, but support two senior vice presidents, effectively I am being demoted.  Does anyone else have a similar experience with Career Ladders and/or administrative rankings based on whom you support rather than your skills?” — Julie Thomas
Question: “Do you have any suggestions on how to take good minutes at a meeting?” — Shawndelle Kurka
Question: “How should employment verifications be handled when an employee is applying for credit, as well as those in which a debt collection agency is tracking down an individual? Can the verification be made over the phone or should it be requested in writing?” — Margaret Williams
Question: “Due to downsizing and others leaving the company, an immature co-worker was promoted to a low-level managerial position. Despite her new position, she badmouths the company and has a real "gloom and doom" attitude. I am tired of all her bashing and negativity. I've asked her to stop and also reminded her that she shouldn't do that in front of her employees now that she's in a position of authority. But it's like talking to a brick wall. We're friends, but she's really driving a wedge between us. Does anyone have a trick to make her stop? I can't take it too much longer before I snap.” — Maisy
Question: “Our boss is contemplating moving to a four-day workweek to combat the higher gas prices. However, she doesn’t plan to include the administrative staff in this move.  We have a total staff of only six, two being administrative staff, so we could shift our schedules to have an administrative person in the office all five days.  Any advice on what I could say to her?” — Lyndsey Bell
Question: “I have an employee who was three weeks into his FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) approved leave when we had a reduction in work force. I believe we followed all protocol on this termination, but now we are faced with the ex-employee expecting to use the LTD (long-term disability) program. I explained this was not a benefit after termination but I am not sure we can stop this benefit without violating ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act). We did offer this benefit as part of the hiring process and the employee has a good argument. Do we go back and allow this one employee to use the LTD program?” — Susan
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