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Question: “What is the best career path that an administrative assistant can take in the admin or facilities field, and what would the duties be?” — Sreekumari K
Question: “Last year I became ill shortly after I was given a new assignment.  I was gone about two months and then returned to work eager to continue my assigned responsibilities. The day I reported back to work, my new responsibilities were taken away and I was reassigned to grunt work, basically "put out to pasture." My title and salary remain the same, so the company could not be accused of discrimination. I am about four years from retirement.  I like the company, and I don't want to go on the job market at this point. I have given essential services and skills to the company for 13 years. No one else in the admin staff has the particular knowledge or skill set I have. I have offered to train or coach the others so that they can carry on when I retire, but no one seems interested. Is there anything I can do to stay as valued and appreciated as I was before my illness?  Or is my only option to write an admin manual covering the knowledge and skills I would like to pass on?” — Caroline N. Packard
Question: “I’m interested in learning if other companies offer adoption benefits, and if so, what benefits they offer?” — Joan Frieden
Question: “My supervisor has memory lapses from time to time. He will give me only partial instructions and then get angry that I did not do things that he forgot to tell me. He really thinks that he didn’t forget. How do I handle this?” — Anonymous
Question: “I am the administrative assistant to the chief and two directors. The director who runs the day-to-day operations is on extended medical leave and the clinical coordinator is overseeing everything in his absence. The clinical coordinator has been favoring her best friend who also works with us by giving her special parking privileges, allowing extended lunches, etc. How can I approach the clinical coordinator about this favoritism without causing any major problems?” — SR
Question: “I have been at my present job more than nine years. The work I do is very routine and getting boring. What can I do to make my job more interesting?” — Anonymous
Question: “I’m retiring this month and would like to know if anyone has found honest companies that offer “work from home” jobs?” — Linda Sudbrock
Question: “I work really hard, and I have a lot of responsibility with my job. I received a promotion not too long ago, but it came with only a very small pay increase. I feel that my responsibilities outweigh the pay increase. How do I ask for more money now?” — Anonymous
Question: “I am working on a project to enhance the client’s experience and would like to hear your ideas on what you do for your clients to offer that extra special ‘Wow’ touch?" — Laura Watkins
Question: "I am the Chairman of our Safety Committee, which meets once a month.  But no one cares what is going on.  We decided to do a potluck meal last month, but once everyone finished eating, it was back to the same boring routine. No one ever seems to have any input, knowledge or enthusiasm to offer at the meetings.  How can I make our meetings more fun and exciting and get our members to participate more in our discussions?” — Keliiokalani A. Tauiliili
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