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Question: “Do you have any suggestions on how to take good minutes at a meeting?” — Shawndelle Kurka
Question: “How should employment verifications be handled when an employee is applying for credit, as well as those in which a debt collection agency is tracking down an individual? Can the verification be made over the phone or should it be requested in writing?” — Margaret Williams
Question: “Due to downsizing and others leaving the company, an immature co-worker was promoted to a low-level managerial position. Despite her new position, she badmouths the company and has a real "gloom and doom" attitude. I am tired of all her bashing and negativity. I've asked her to stop and also reminded her that she shouldn't do that in front of her employees now that she's in a position of authority. But it's like talking to a brick wall. We're friends, but she's really driving a wedge between us. Does anyone have a trick to make her stop? I can't take it too much longer before I snap.” — Maisy
Question: “Our boss is contemplating moving to a four-day workweek to combat the higher gas prices. However, she doesn’t plan to include the administrative staff in this move.  We have a total staff of only six, two being administrative staff, so we could shift our schedules to have an administrative person in the office all five days.  Any advice on what I could say to her?” — Lyndsey Bell
Question: “Has anyone used software programs to create a record retention program?  Specifically, has anyone used the Skupsky method?” — Anonymous
Question: “I have an employee who was three weeks into his FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) approved leave when we had a reduction in work force. I believe we followed all protocol on this termination, but now we are faced with the ex-employee expecting to use the LTD (long-term disability) program. I explained this was not a benefit after termination but I am not sure we can stop this benefit without violating ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act). We did offer this benefit as part of the hiring process and the employee has a good argument. Do we go back and allow this one employee to use the LTD program?” — Susan
Question: “Our company has a tuition reimbursement program and I've inquired about taking advantage of that little-used benefit.  (I'm currently an executive secretary with 10-plus years’ experience, and I'm ready to finally get my degree.) My managers have requested a "marketing package" to sell them on it.  (I work in the corporate executive offices, and I plan to work toward a BS degree in business administration.) How should I market myself and what should I include?” — KNL
Question: “What are the right questions to ask candidates during interviews for administrative aide positions to find out whether they have the technical skills necessary for the job? During the interview, I try to get a good feel of their abilities to perform a specific job. Most claim they have the skills, but when tested, fail or fall well below the expected scale.” — Jonnie Barkley
Question: “My boss wants me to create an employee recognition program for our team. I have the basics, but I’m looking for other ideas (small gifts, inspiring quotes, etc.). Any suggestions on what’s worked for others? Or any ideas for web sites or other resources that can help?” -- Brenda
Question: “I work in an office with all men. My boss is wonderful except he forgets that I’m part of the team, too. For example, he recently gave all the guys a hooded sweatshirt with the company logo, but he failed to give me one. I don't want to sound selfish, but I’d like to have one. What’s the best way to handle this situation without sounding greedy?"  -- A team member, too