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Question: "My boss never remembers that it's Administrative Professionals Week. Is it rude to send him an e-mail reminder? How do other admins make sure their bosses know it's a special week? And how are bosses showing their appreciation?"— P.D., Virginia
Question: “We have a former employee who left our employ one week ago.  He has now called and stated that his leaving was a mistake, and he would like to come back to work for us.  Can you tell me what policies you have in place for this situation?  We are thinking about hiring him back.  What do we do about seniority, pay, vacation, health benefits, etc.?  Does he start at the beginning?  This is the first time this has happened to us and we don't have a policy in our handbook that covers it.  Any suggestions or laws that you may know of that would apply?” — Nancy
Question: “What’s your favorite technique for handling telemarketing calls? We get several every day and it’s very frustrating. It’s bad enough getting them at home much less at work, too.” — Jeannette Clarke
Question: “I am the administrative assistant to the vice president.  I have been with the company four years and recently had a wonderful annual review; however, the pay increase was not so wonderful.  I have researched the local job service office, and according to its web site, I should be making about $3.55 more per hour for my position and experience.  That’s more than $7,000 annually.  How do I approach my employer and let it know I am not being compensated fairly?  I have been underpaid since I began working for the company and my workload continues to increase.” — Administrative Assistant to VP
Question: “How can I deal with a boss who constantly makes demeaning and belittling remarks, only gives partial instructions on what he wants or needs and has to know exactly where I am at all times?” — Anonymous
Question: “I work for a nonprofit organization where only a few staff members occasionally bring in a treat for the monthly staff meeting. We all bring our own coffee or water. Is this the norm for nonprofit organizations? I personally feel that the association should provide the refreshments since the meeting is part of the workday and we are required to attend.” — Anonymous
Question: “How trustworthy do you find Wikipedia? I hear people referencing it all the time (including in this Forum) but sometimes the articles read more like opinion than fact. Does anyone know of an alternate (free) resource for encyclopedic or general information?” — Lisa, New Jersey
Question: “I have been in the same department for several years and would like to be sure that my salary is competitive with that of my colleagues who have recently joined the company.  These colleagues are in my department and have the same title as I do.  Any advice on a procedure for this? “ —  Emma
Question: “A few administrative managers would like to approach executive management and propose that we be considered for the annual bonus program. Are there other office/administrative managers who receive an annual bonus? What is the criteria (tenure, number of reporting admin staff, etc.) or is it primarily performance based?” — Maggie
Question: “I work for a major company in my industry and, of course, benefits have changed over the past few years. Our funeral leave policy grants three days’ leave for immediate family members. However, the old policy allowed one day for aunts, uncles and spouse’s grandparents. Co-workers have trouble understanding that the definition of ‘benefit’ means that the company is not obligated to give us anything. Does your company have a funeral leave policy? I think my company’s policy is really good, and I would like some data to show others.” — Tired of Whining
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