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Question: “Are online degrees (from accredited institutions) being viewed as equal to classroom earned degrees by employers, HR professionals, hiring managers?” — Suzanne M. Williams
Question: “We need to address an issue regarding a company dress code. Can you offer any guidance?” — Eva Arche
Question: “I work in an office with two other women.  One woman makes comments about what’s being said while the other person is on a telephone conversation. I realize that it's hard working in close proximity and we hear each other’s phone conversations. How can we politely tell this woman not to add her comments while one of us is on the phone?” — Margie Jimenez
Question: “I am in charge of rewarding up to 150 employees at our Appreciation Day BBQ. To receive an award, employees must know the organization’s Core Values (similar to a mission statement). Any suggestions on how to test the employees’ knowledge and reward those who know the three Core Values? How can I bring up the subject in a casual environment, yet stress the importance of the topic?” — Deb
Question: “Is there a tactful—and most importantly—legal way to suggest that someone take time off when she is not able to properly perform her job due to a medical issue? We have an employee who developed Bell’s Palsy. It has affected her speech and one eye, making it very difficult for her to see and speak. Her primary job is to call on clients and research the Internet. Although we appreciate her dedication, she is stressing herself out because no one can understand her.  We feel that if she took a couple days off and rested, her recuperation would be that much quicker.” — Louise
Question: “I am an admin for a major corporation (group of 100 people, 75 % women). In addition, I am the facilities coordinator for two floors.  My problem is how to address the sensitive issue regarding the condition of the ladies’ room (and I have had complaints about the men's room, too).  I have tried to address the issue with notices (even those posted by the property management company) with no success.  I'm beginning to think it will never have an impact on the junior-high mentality! I would appreciate any advice.” — Jayne Pease
Question: "My boss never remembers that it's Administrative Professionals Week. Is it rude to send him an e-mail reminder? How do other admins make sure their bosses know it's a special week? And how are bosses showing their appreciation?"— P.D., Virginia
Question: “We have a former employee who left our employ one week ago.  He has now called and stated that his leaving was a mistake, and he would like to come back to work for us.  Can you tell me what policies you have in place for this situation?  We are thinking about hiring him back.  What do we do about seniority, pay, vacation, health benefits, etc.?  Does he start at the beginning?  This is the first time this has happened to us and we don't have a policy in our handbook that covers it.  Any suggestions or laws that you may know of that would apply?” — Nancy
Question: “What’s your favorite technique for handling telemarketing calls? We get several every day and it’s very frustrating. It’s bad enough getting them at home much less at work, too.” — Jeannette Clarke
Question: “I am the administrative assistant to the vice president.  I have been with the company four years and recently had a wonderful annual review; however, the pay increase was not so wonderful.  I have researched the local job service office, and according to its web site, I should be making about $3.55 more per hour for my position and experience.  That’s more than $7,000 annually.  How do I approach my employer and let it know I am not being compensated fairly?  I have been underpaid since I began working for the company and my workload continues to increase.” — Administrative Assistant to VP
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