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Question: “I need to type job application refusal letters. What is the best way to type these letters?  Is there a good web site with samples?" — S. Foltz
Question: “I am a secretary. We have eight directors in our agency. Two department heads routinely are late submitting their work before the deadlines. Our president knows they do this, but does nothing. When they miss their deadlines, it affects my ability to meet my deadlines. Unlike them, I do get into trouble if I miss my deadlines.  What can I do?” — Anonymous
Question: “A new manager joined our department last year. She has two assistants to help her on daily work and administration. But she repeatedly turns to me and asks for my help. I am her boss's assistant. I told my boss who explained to her that it’s not in my job description to assist her. Usually, she will stop ordering me around for a month and then she starts asking for my help again. Recently, in front of my boss and her two assistants, she asked me to order the office supplies for her during an administrative meeting. I did not totally turn her down because I don't want to hurt our working relationship. My boss is quite upset. How do I tactfully refuse her request and ensure it doesn’t continue?” — Jenny
Question: "I have to coordinate an office activity or event for April. Any suggestions for an activity with an Earth Day or spring theme?” — Kathryn McQuillen
Question: “When called for a reference, my former employer tells prospective employers all of my strengths, but it also says I was terminated.  The reason given is that the position had changed from the time I was hired five years ago and I was no longer a good fit.  I believe  I was laid off because I got a generous severance package and unemployment.  How should I answer this tough question?  I already lost one job offer because I said I was laid off, and that did not match the employer's reason, so they thought I was hiding something.  What should I say?  I was never on probation, disciplined, written up or warned so it was a big surprise when it happened.  The company did not replace me, the other five admins split my responsibilities, and the company "terminated" three other people after me.” – Anonymous
Question: "Does anyone know of a recurring administrative podcast that I could listen to during my daily commute?" – Anonymous
Question: “Because of budget cutbacks, we had to lay off our telephone switchboard operator and convert to an automated telephone system. By dialing 0, patrons can still talk to a live person.  Many bypass the menu and immediately dial 0. We are a public library, and we composed our own menu options. It is difficult to navigate and much too long and wordy. Any suggestions for making the menu more user friendly?” — Kate Zimmerly
Question: “Does anyone have a template or a format they use for Board Resolutions? — Ann E. Harris
Question: "We are planning a summer event for our employees and their families. We could have as many as 400 people attending!  Any party ideas for large groups?  It will probably be a picnic, but if you have had other successful events for large groups or ideas to make a picnic fun for all, I would love to hear from you!" — Marie
Question: “I sit by a man who is a chain smoker — some days he goes out to smoke six or seven times. He is also a heavy coffee drinker. The combination of smoke and coffee really stinks. How can I address this issue without offending him?” — Ann E. Harris
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