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Question: “How can I get across the fact that I’m very busy without seeming like I’m not a team player? I’m the executive assistant to the CEO and two partners. I’m also the CEO’s personal assistant. The attitude in my office is that I can’t be doing much since I don’t support a team.” — Anonymous
Question: “An ergonomic consultant recommended a narrower wrist/palm rest for several staff members. Their current rest is about 2.5 inches wide. I am having a hard time finding a narrower one. Any suggestions?” — Peggie Frost
Question: “I just started as the executive assistant to the senior vice president. I have administrative assistant experience, but this is my first time being an executive assistant. When I sit down on a one-on-one meeting with the boss, I feel really tense and can’t seem to think straight. I don’t say a whole lot because I’m afraid of saying the wrong thing. He is a very nice guy, but I just feel intimidated by his title. How can I feel more comfortable around him?” — Anonymous 
Question: “Does anyone know of a way to always have the BCC field populate with a specific e-mail address?” — Anonymous

“I’ve seen references to “tickler” files.  Can you please explain in detail, what they are and how you create and manage them?” — Valerie R. Butler
“Does anyone have an easy checklist available for putting together a conference for 100-plus people? I have started one, but I’m not sure if I have included everything needed.” — Michele
Question: “An employee went on maternity leave and some of her duties were redistributed to other admins during her leave. I was given the responsibility of reviewing the company's wireless phones.  In reviewing the contracts, I discovered the company could save about $10,000.  However, the employee has returned to work and changed the online account password to prevent me from further access. I told my bosses, but they have not done anything about it. The employee is an executive assistant to the president. Should I just let it go?” — Anonymous
Question: “We would like to create a work-order form for our custodian. This form would be used to assign work that is outside his regular duties. Is there anything available?” — Anonymous
Getting ready to create a website, business card or brochure? Think twice before you “save money” by using a template — it could end up costing you $100,000.
Question:  “My immediate supervisor recently left the organization. As a result, I now report to the agency director. In our one-on-one meetings, he often seems bored or distracted. I always take extra time to prepare adequately for the meetings.
I come ready with possible resolutions to any problems and facts to back up my recommendations.  All this preparation is usually met with a very brief response or a push off to another manager.  When I asked whether he’d like me to run everything through another manager before coming to him he responded, “No, I want you to report directly to me.”
I am a very independent worker. Despite this independence, I would like some direction once in a while. I can’t help but feel devalued as an employee by his actions. What can I do to make our meetings more engaging?” — Anonymous
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