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Admin Pro Forum

Share best-practices with your administrative peers. Pose a question, offer advice, or just be a fly on the wall.

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Question: “I work in a small organization and often say that I find out things about myself from co-workers before I even know them! I have stopped socializing after work hours, especially when alcohol is involved, because of the rampant gossip of co-workers. What is the best way to handle—and minimize—office gossip?”  —Not a gossip

Question: “I am the type of Admin who wants to find a great boss/career to stick with by following the boss as he gets promoted. I thought I had finally found a boss to lead my career path. We had a very good relationship in the beginning, and I enjoy working with him. But when I mentioned I wanted to follow him as he gets promoted, his response was, "Don't hitch your cart to my horse!" So now I wonder if he even wants me as his assistant. He constantly tells me to keep my eye out for something better and don't let him stop me from moving forward. I have received multiple 'above average' evaluations, so it's not anything I'm doing wrong. Others say he’s the type of manager who looks out only for himself. How should I handle this? Should I start looking for something else in hopes of landing the right, understanding boss? I don't want to work with a new boss all over again. I'm ready to settle down.  –Following the wrong lead

Question: "A co-worker in a position of great responsibility has a very bad habit of lying. She is amazing at her job, represents the organization well and her staff likes working for her— except for the fact that they often don’t know when she is or isn’t telling the truth.  She even lies when telling the truth would serve her much better.  One concern is that she will occasionally stretch the truth with statistics, and if she’s caught doing that, it could harm the credibility of the organization.  Other than that, she is a wonderful employee and co-worker, and no one wants to see her fired.  People who have confronted her in the past have sacrificed their relationships with her.  Has anyone experienced a similar situation?  Any advice for an optimal outcome?" —Oklahoma
Question: "I feel chained to the job and out of the loop at home and everywhere. My job is a good one, and I've been here about a year. It involves recruiting so I’m constantly reminded how lucky I should feel that I have a job at all in this economy. But I'm just sad that I can’t seem to find a better balance. There are never enough hours in the day. Working part-time is not an option—since we have three teens to get through college. Any advice for finding a better balance and a sunnier outlook?" –Working mom
Question: "What are the most important attributes for a combined office manager/receptionist position (for both co-workers and customers)? Specifically, I’m asking for a small, busy dental office. Thanks!"  —Kimberly
Question:  "Can I ask: Exactly what is the advantage of LinkedIn?  (And I want specifics, not just for general business networking.) Many people I know are on it, but no one can say what they get out of it. Is it kind of like Facebook? I joined reluctantly because I was asked so often, but really, I don't need one more thing to check. All I see is a limited number of people showing off (by getting their friends to recommend them). Is it just me? What’s the advantage of having 'connections' if most are silent anyway?" —I don’t get it
Question: "What do you do when you offer to help everybody in the office and no one will give you a chance to show them what you can do? For example, my manager asked me to do a simple table.  After I did it, she remarked, ‘I didn’t know you knew how to that.’ Should I just not offer to help?  It is a no win situation if they keep refusing. Thanks for letting me blow off some steam." —Frustrated
Question: "As an EA, scheduling meetings is one of my more challenging duties, especially when the participants are all C-level executives. I'm in the process of scheduling several meetings for next month. Has anyone come up with a ‘better mousetrap’? Is the old-fashioned method of offering a few dates and using a basic chart to narrow down a mutually convenient date and time still the best way? I’m looking forward to hearing some new tricks to make this easier!" —Trisha Heil

Question: “How do you train employees who can’t (or won’t) think and act on their own?”  —Frustrated they don't 'get it'

Question: "I am starting a new job next week as an executive assistant.  My first job will be to organize my boss who is the president of the company. Where do I start?  Also, do I get him his morning coffee?"  —EA-to-be
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