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Question: "My office produces so much written communication now that is seen by the public that I think it’s time we officially adopted some sort of style guide so that we’re not putting wildly different spellings and meanings out there. Does anyone have any experience with either picking a known one or creating their own from scratch? What’s the easiest route to go?” – Radi, Administrative Assistant III

Question: "I feel like taking a bit of a risk at work and suggesting we actually create an office culture, not just work ourselves silly every day with no opportunities for blowing off steam, getting to know one another, or seeing each other as more than cubicle drones. Does anyone know how I'd begin? What can I do to ease people into a more chummy environment?” – Jennifer, Admin Support Agent
Question: "I opened the office fridge one day last month and found a note taped to my empty grocery bag. Someone was apologizing for eating my sandwich when she realized she'd left hers at home and had become shaky with hunger. Fortunately the situation resolved itself (sort of), but now I really have to know what people say is the most jaw-droppingly irritating thing one of their co-workers has ever done!”  —  Reese, Closed Captioning Transcriber

Question: "Our CEO wants input about a fairly radical idea for reorganizing our office space. Because she thinks everyone’s gotten too insulated, which leads to secrecy, territoriality, gossip, and a lack of understanding of what other people do in their jobs, she wants to abandon all the offices and have everyone in one giant room with very low cubicle walls. Does anyone work in a setup like this? What do you think the effects would really be?” — Dale, Contract Service Specialist

Question: "I don't make a whole lot of money as an admin, and I find myself shelling out a little cash here and there just to keep my job running smoothly—mostly buying office supplies, software and apps I feel I need to do things better, but also pitching in for birthday gifts, supplementing potlucks, and even paying to participate in all our football pools and guess-the-baby's-birthdate contests to show team spirit. Do I have reason to be a little resentful that my job isn't exactly free to do?” — Tammy, Documentation Coordinator

Question: "Frankly, our admin team makes a lot of mistakes. We deal with a lot of paperwork and we create typos, overlook incorrect addresses, forget to format things correctly, mislabel files, etc. It’s all well and good to tell people to ‘be more careful,’ but there’s got to be a better way to put people into a mindset that cuts down on simple errors. Who’s got a solution?”  — Pru, Executive Finance Assistant

Question: "Maybe I'm just getting old, but the more technology we use in our office, the less I want to keep up. I still use shorthand to take minutes, find names and addresses fast with my Rolodex, and far prefer the phone to email. Am I the only one who's hanging on to the old ways, or are people finding that not every 'advance' at work has made things easier?"  — Marcia, Human Resource Area Specialist

Question: "It seems like every meeting we have follows the same pattern: People cover a lot of issues, make a lot of points, and then we walk out thinking, “Um, what actually gets done now?” We really need to buckle down and figure out a way to get everyone to think in terms of setting specific goals that are pursued right away, but it’s tough to control all the meaningless exchanges that make people feel like they’ve contributed but actually take us nowhere. Help!”  — George, Front Office Coordinator

Question: "I’ll sometimes have weeks when I feel like I’ve totally lost my spirit and enthusiasm, only to bounce back the following week when things at work go well. It seems like every time I think I just don’t have what it takes to keep going with this job, it was just a phase—but I sure do keep experiencing those phases! What are the signals that I need to move on because the point of real, no-going-back burnout has finally come?” — Tula, Administrative Assistant of Budget

Question: "On our admin team we have 'Karen'—a good worker except when it comes to helping out others if they haven't met her precise expectations. Her view is that if people don't follow procedures to the letter, then their problems should be ignored in order to teach them a lesson, even if this means a deadline is missed, a report goes out incorrectly, or a very minor mistake that could easily be fixed is left to become a bigger one through her inaction. I know she has a point about showing people the need for order, but aren't we here to help those we work with above all things?" — Christine, Operations Clerk
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