Grammar Repair Shop Quiz: Test your grammar skills

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Can you spot the grammar and writing errors in the sentences below?

1. The final changes were made by our CEO, and the report was submitted by Helen on time.

2. We’re excited to announce this new innovation.

3. The marketing team is not hiring at the present time.

She said the vendor’s pricing is too high, I’m not sure where she got that idea.

5. Here’s three ways we could solve the scheduling problem.


Replace the passive “were made by” and “was submitted by” with the less-cumbersome active voice: “The CEO made the final changes, and Helen submitted the report on time.”

2. Redundant. An innovation is always new. Rewrite to “We’re excited to announce this innovation.”

3. Wordiness will tire your readers. Change “at the present time” to “now.”

4. This run-on sentence is two sentences separated by a comma split. Turn this sentence into two complete sentences.

Subject and verb are not in agreement. Rewrite to “Here are three ways we could solve the scheduling problem.”

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